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Go Diaper Free Week – April 25-30, 2024

Go Diaper Free Week is celebrated between April 25 to 30 every year. This week is celebrated across the country to encourage parents and caregivers to avoid using diapers and instead focus on their toddler’s cues. Potty training is a huge part of a child’s development growth and using what is called Elimination Communication will help parents navigate this process — without an over-reliance on diapers. With improved communication, caregivers are able to better support their toddler’s need to eliminate waste in the toilet. Over time, Elimination Communication helps children feel more in control over the use of toilets.

History of Go Diaper Free Week

Go Diaper Free Week is based on the principle of Elimination Communication (E.C.) This encourages parents and caregivers to focus on their babies and their overall timing, signs, and signals that they need to urinate or go potty. The intention is that over time parents will be able to anticipate their babies’ needs to eliminate waste and get their babies to an appropriate place on time.

An important part of E.C. is that it lets children get into toilet training at a very early age. It also cuts out the part of toilet training which forces children to hold on to their waste and the possible health complications of that. Elimination Communication is also called infant potty training, or natural infant hygiene. This practice is gaining popularity because it is a gentle way of helping children with their potty training, without forcing them in any way. Most parents who use Elimination Communication still use diapers, but only as backups for busy or difficult days rather than full-time usage.

Go Diaper Free Week was started to support parents and caregivers who want to practice elimination communication by giving them resources and a support network. Rather than leaving parents to try and fumble their way through the process, Go Diaper Free Week gives parents access to different levels of E.C. and the methods to practice. It also offers follow-up support for parents who find that things have gone awry.

Go Diaper Free Week timeline

The Book on Elimination Communication

Laurie Boucke writes about the concept of Elimination Communication in her book “Conscious Toilet Training.”

The Publishing of a Pamphlet

Natec publishes a convenient pamphlet called ‘Elimination Timing.’

The Book on Going Diaper Free

Ingrid Bauer refers extensively to Elimination Communication in this book encouraging caregivers to avoid diapers.

Go Diaper Free Week Starts

Andrea Olson practices E.C. and starts Go Diaper Free Week to encourage other parents.

Go Diaper Free Week FAQs

How do you go diaper free at night?

Communicate with your baby. Encourage them to eliminate before going to bed, and then ensure the toilet is accessible for your baby at night.

Does elimination communication work?

Yes, it does but it is a long-term objective.

Can potty training too early cause problems?

Traditional potty training should not start early, as it can cause health problems.

Go Diaper Free Week Activities

  1. Learn more about E.C.

    The first step to trying and practicing elimination communication is to get informed about it. Go to the Go Diaper Free Week website and read their blogs and podcasts on how to practice EC.

  2. Practise EC with your baby

    Use this week to try going diaper free with all the resources handy. Just keep the diaper around for backup.

  3. Find a community

    As with all aspects of parenting, things are easier with support. Let all the caregivers of your baby know what you’re planning so they can support you, and reach out to the wider online community for tips.

5 Facts About Elimination Communication

  1. It is not so time-consuming

    Elimination Communication is a learning curve but it is less time-consuming than diaper changes or potty training.

  2. It doesn’t have to be full-time

    Elimination Communication can take different forms according to the convenience of the caregivers.

  3. Older children can also benefit

    Even if children have passed potty training, they can use E.C. methods in the future.

  4. It’s been practiced for ages

    Western parents are new to E.C. in other cultures, it’s the ultimate potty training method.

  5. Babies were potty-trained earlier

    In 1957, 82% of babies were potty trained by 18 months.

Why We Love Go Diaper Free Week

  1. We want to try E.C.

    We want to try Elimination Communication because it feels less forceful than traditional potty training. We want to practice early potty training and empower our babies.

  2. We need the support

    Elimination Communication looks daunting. We love the idea of a week of trying it out with support from other parents, caregivers, and experts.

  3. We want to stop using diapers

    Single-use diapers result in a lot of waste generation. We want to reduce consumption, and E.C. helps us gently do that.

Go Diaper Free Week dates

2024April 25Thursday
2025April 25Friday
2026April 25Saturday
2027April 25Sunday
2028April 25Tuesday

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