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FriApr 25

The Feast of St Mark (Italy) – April 25, 2025

The Feast of St. Mark is annually observed on April 25. It commemorates the anniversary of the death of Venice’s patron saint, Saint Mark, in 68 A.D. The holiday is observed by the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. It is also referred to as the rosebud festival.

History of The Feast of St Mark (Italy)

The Feast of St. Mark is observed on April 25 by the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. It helps bring awareness to St. Mark and his efforts to spread Christianity. The holiday takes place on the death anniversary of St. Mark, believed to be one of the 70 disciples sent out by Jesus to preach the gospel in Judea. He is believed to have authored one of the four Gospels in the New Testament.

St. Mark was a traveling companion and close friend of Saint Peter, who holds the “keys of Heaven.”. He is also the founder of the church in Alexandria, Egypt. It is believed that he was killed on April 25, 68 A.D., by Alexandrians because they resented his efforts to replace their old pagan gods with Christianity and the belief in the one true God.

In A.D. 828, two Venetians, with the help of some Greek monks, stole the relics of St. Mark from Alexandria, which was controlled by the Abbasid Islamic Caliphate during the time. The thieves managed to smuggle the relics out of Alexandria by storing them in a barrel of pig fat, which they knew the Muslim guards wouldn’t inspect. Once they reached Venice, they buried the relics and built St. Mark’s Basilica over them. Every year, thousands of people visit the church to honor St. Mark.

The Feast of St Mark (Italy) timeline

5 A.D.
St. Mark is Born

St. Mark is born in Cyrene — present-day Libya.

A.D. 43
He Goes to Alexandria

St. Mark travels to Alexandria.

A.D. 68
The Alexandrians Martyr the Saint

Alexandrians kill St. Mark at the age of 63.

A.D. 828
The Relics Are Stolen

Two Venetians recover the relics of St. Mark from Alexandria.

The Feast of St Mark (Italy) FAQs

What is the shortest gospel?

The ‘Gospel of Mark’ is the shortest.

What is St. Mark’s symbol?

St. Mark is associated with the lion symbol.

Where is St. Mark mentioned in the “Bible?”

St. Mark is mentioned in the ‘Book of Acts’ in the “Bible.”

How to Observe The Feast of St Mark (Italy)

  1. Eat Italian food

    Celebrate the Feast of St. Mark by taking part in Italian culture. Enjoy some of the delicious Italian food available near you.

  2. Go to church

    Attend a church service or mass. Honor and commemorate the contributions made by various saints to Christianity’s cause.

  3. Learn about St. Mark

    Conduct some research about St. Mark on the Feast of St. Mark. Learn where he traveled on his journeys and his teachings.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Mark

  1. He traveled with St. Peter

    St. Mark was apprenticed to St. Peter and traveled with him.

  2. His parents were evangelists

    St. Mark’s parents were evangelists named Aristopoulos and Saint Mary of Jerusalem.

  3. He was a bishop

    St. Mark became the bishop of the church he founded in Alexandria.

  4. He founded a school

    St. Mark established the first Christian school in Alexandria.

  5. He was a writer

    St. Mark wrote the Gospel of Mark.

Why The Feast of St Mark (Italy) is Important

  1. He was a pioneer

    St. Mark traveled to Africa to spread the message of Christianity when no one would brave the massive continent. He also founded a church and school in Alexandria.

  2. He preserved history

    The writings of St. Mark have served as critical historical references. They have helped preserve the life and teachings of Christ.

  3. He was an educator

    St. Mark liked to share knowledge with others. So, he established a Christian school in Alexandria and taught there himself.

The Feast of St Mark (Italy) dates

2025April 25Friday
2026April 25Saturday
2027April 25Sunday
2028April 25Tuesday
2029April 25Wednesday

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