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FriApr 25

National Mani-Pedi Day – April 25, 2025

National Mani-Pedi Day is celebrated on April 25 annually. It’s one of the few days in a year that women and stylists get to show off their beautiful nails with purpose. But did you know that manicures weren’t meant for only the ladies in ancient times? Records show that Egyptian men of affluence painted their nails in distinct colors to mark their societal statuses.

History of National Mani-Pedi Day

Manicure and pedicure have been integral parts of the lives of most women, not only in the West but all around the world. It’s hard to find a female that has not visited a salon to put the final touches on her fingernails and toenails. This habit has become so rampant that different styles and designs are constantly getting created to match people’s preferences.

Manicures are thought to have begun about 5,000 years ago in India. Indian women were reported to apply henna to their nails, giving them distinct color. From India, the art crept into China, where the first nail polish was probably made in 3000 B.C. As far back as 3,500 years ago in ancient Egypt, men of affluence took great care of their feet and also applied distinct colors to their nails to mark themselves from their slaves. Reports have shown that Cleopatra, the queen who ruled the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt between 51 and 30 B.C., also engaged in a form of manicure.

In recent times, and mainly in the 20th century, manicures were especially popular in Europe. The French loved the practice so much that in 1975, they perfected and invented a special type of manicure known as the French manicure. Today, millions of people go to spas and salons to stretch their toes, file their feet, cut their nails, and apply nice polish to them.

The celebration and the holiday have gained so much attention that salons and spas now offer special offers and discounts for manicures and pedicures. Additionally, manicurists and pedicurists witness a higher demand for their services on this day. It’s always a win-win situation for all those engaged in the day’s celebration.

National Mani-Pedi Day timeline

5000 B.C.
Origin of Manicure

Manicure is practiced among Indian women by applying henna as nail polish.

3000 B.C.
Pedicure in Egypt

Pedicure is given in ancient Egypt to cure toenail defects and correct feet posture.

1932 A.D.
Special Nail Covering Made

The first covering nail varnish is developed by the Lachmann brothers.

Opening of Nail Studios

The first nail studios open.

Beginning of French Manicure

The pink nail with a white tip color design, known as the French Manicure, begins.

21st Century
Acrylic Gel Nails Become Popular

U.V. and acrylic gel nails become the new fashion trend.

National Mani-Pedi Day FAQs

What is the difference between manicure and pedicure?

Manicure is the treatment and care of the hands, particularly, the fingernails, while pedicure refers to the care of the feet and toenails.

Are pedicures painful?

Not in the least painful if given by a skilled pedicurist. Generally, a pedicure is a relaxing and enjoyable experience that is meant to leave one’s feet and toenails clean and beautiful. Pain may get involved if cuts happen while clipping the nails.

Which type of pedicure is best?

Athletic or Sports Pedicure. It’s a perfect treatment for athletes of any gender as well as anyone looking to get their feet in great shape without frills and luxury.

National Mani-Pedi Day Activities

  1. Give yourself a treat

    Get your tools. Relax in a nice and cool place. Concentrate on trimming and painting those beautiful nails.

  2. Hire a manicurist and pedicurist

    If it won't create any serious dent in your pocket, request the service of a good manicurist and pedicurist and have them perform wonders on those nails. You’ll feel wonderful after!

  3. Post your nail pictures online

    After getting those nails beautified, take some pictures and post them online. Don't forget to remind others that it is National Mani-Pedi Day!

5 Facts About The Nails That Will Interest You

  1. Daily growth size

    Nails grow approximately 0.1mm daily to give a total of around three to four mm monthly.

  2. Toenails grow slower than fingernails

    They grow around 1.6mm in a month — around half the size of fingernails growth in the same duration.

  3. Fast growth during summer

    Due to certain alterations in the weather, fingernails grow faster in the summer.

  4. Gender discrepancy in growth

    Men's nails grow faster than women's nails.

  5. Scientific term

    The scientific term for the common habit of nail-biting is 'onychophagia.'

Why We Love National Mani-Pedi Day

  1. It adds to our beauty

    A well-manicured fingernail always stands out, making one look astonishingly pretty. We love this!

  2. Women love it

    Women love glamorous things. Manicures and pedicures are some of the lovely things women value in their strive to look stunning.

  3. It is colorful

    Ever seen uniformed fingernails and toenails, matched with the colors of one's clothing? We are sure you found it pretty colorful and desirable.

National Mani-Pedi Day dates

2025April 25Friday
2026April 25Saturday
2027April 25Sunday
2028April 25Tuesday
2029April 25Wednesday

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