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FriApr 25

World Penguin Day – April 25, 2025

World Penguin Day on April 25 aims to raise awareness about these flightless birds to preserve their species so that future generations get to see these elegant and remarkable creatures. This day coincides with the annual northern migration of Adélie penguins, a pattern that is inherent and conserved across generations. There are eight species native to Antarctica. Most penguins are monogamous and have unique calls to assist them to find their mates in large groups. Most species lay up to two eggs in a season while the King and Emperor penguins lay only one. Alarmingly though, of the 18 known living species, 10 have been listed as endangered.

History of World Penguin Day

This particular celebration of penguins was created at McMurdo Station, an American research center on Ross Island where researchers discovered that Adélie penguins start their migration around this day each year. So began World Penguin Day as a way to commemorate the event and raise awareness about these creatures. This day encourages people to learn more about penguins, the dangers they encounter, their environment, and their contribution to the environment.

Penguins differ considerably in size, from the large emperor penguin, reaching heights of over three feet and seven inches, to the little blue penguin which is about 13 inches tall. Historically, giant species of penguins existed that grew almost six feet high and weighed over 176 pounds. Penguins are highly adaptive to aquatic life, with their wings that have evolved into flippers and their excellent swimming abilities where species like the emperor penguin can reach deep depths of 1,800 feet. Penguins are disguised to protect themselves against predators from above and below. Their glossy feathers hold air in them that helps to both keep them warm and help them stay afloat. These extraordinary creatures are spread all over the Southern Hemisphere, from Antarctica to the Galápagos Islands, penguins are famous for their dedicated chick hatching endeavors, cute waddles, and amazing survival instincts such as huddling to stay warm during icy winters.

Our appreciation for penguins has inspired the creation of movies and books such as “Penguins of Madagascar” and ”Mr. Popper’s Penguins.” Yet, they face extinction where a concerted effort is needed to help reduce our carbon footprint and prevent pollution to preserve their habitat.

World Penguin Day timeline

National Penguin Day Commences

National Penguin Day starts in 1972 when Gerry Wallace marked the start of the migration of the Adélie penguin on his wife’s calendar.

“March of the Penguins”

This critically acclaimed French documentary follows the annual movements of emperor penguins.

An Alarming Study

Researchers estimate that by 2100, at least two-thirds of emperor penguin colonies will have dramatically declined.

50 Years of Penguin Day

2022 will mark 50 years of the official celebration of the Penguins.

World Penguin Day FAQs

If Penguins are birds why can't they fly?

Penguins do fly through water — using their wings (called flippers) to propel themselves through the water rather than air. Because water is much denser than air, penguin wings are shorter and stouter than the wings of birds that fly through the air. Penguins are also much heavier than similar-sized flying birds and have solid bones rather than weight-saving air-filled bones.

Do penguins bite?

Yes, penguins defend themselves and their nest sites with their beaks and wings. They bite fiercely and also use their thick, strap-like, wings to beat their opponent. Blue penguins and most of the crested species are regular fighters,  while yellow-eyed penguins, rarely fight.

What do penguins eat?

Their diet varies between species and in some cases, location. This can include a wide range of fish, squid, octopus, and euphausiids (shrimp-like animals). Some species of penguin target surface-schooling fish species while others are mid-water or bottom feeders.

World Penguin Day Activities

  1. Learn about Penguins

    This is a perfect opportunity to gather information about these amazing animals. Search online, read books, or watch “Penguins” — A coming-of-age documentary about an Adélie penguin named Steve who joins millions of other males to start his own family despite the perils of Antarctica.

  2. Visit your local zoo

    If you can, take a trip to a zoo to see these birds up close. You may even get the opportunity to take part in feeding time by throwing fish to the peckish birds.

  3. Adopt a penguin

    Fund a penguin with the option of adopting one remotely. You can give it a name and arrange for visits.

5 Amazing Facts About Penguins

  1. Penguins are gifted divers

    King penguins can dive down to 1,125 feet, while Gentoo penguins reach depths of 600 feet.

  2. Penguins poop every 20 minutes

    Penguins digest their food very quickly which is why they frequently have to poop.

  3. Their countershading protects them from predators

    The black and white color of penguins provides camouflage so that they can’t be seen by predators above and below them. 

  4. Gentoo Penguins are the fastest swimmers

    Gentoo penguins can swim at speeds of up to 22 miles per hour.

  5. Penguins have existed since antiquity

    The oldest penguin fossils are millions of years old.

Why We Love World Penguin Day

  1. They are a marvel of nature

    Penguins aren’t only visually appealing but are the most skilled birds in the animal kingdom. They’re capable of holding their breath underwater for 20 minutes and can swim around five times faster than an Olympic swimmer.

  2. They are unique

    Penguins are birds, although aquatic and flightless. They live in the southern hemisphere, gracing their habitat with their beauty. World Penguin Day is dedicated to these exceptional creatures.

  3. They positively impact our environment

    In maintaining ecological balance, penguins serve as food for leopard seals and sharks. They also contribute to the food chain by preying on krill, squid, and small fish.

World Penguin Day dates

2025April 25Friday
2026April 25Saturday
2027April 25Sunday
2028April 25Tuesday
2029April 25Wednesday

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