Health Holidays

We should be giving thanks for our good health and helping others who aren’t as fortunate every day. That’s why we love celebrating 33 health holidays at National Today.





Feb. 3

National Wear Red DayHealthU.S.

Feb. 4

World Cancer DayCause, HealthWorld

Mar. 6

National Dentist's DayCareer, HealthU.S.

Mar. 7

National Cereal DayFood, HealthU.S.

Mar. 19

National Let’s Laugh DayFamily, Fun, HealthU.S.

Mar. 21

National Kick Butts DayHealthU.S.

Mar. 21

World Down Syndrome DayHealthWorld

Mar. 24

World Tuberculosis DayHealthWorld

Mar. 30

National Doctors' DayCareer, HealthU.S.

Apr. 4

National Walking DayFun, HealthU.S.

Apr. 7

World Health DayHealthWorld

Apr. 25

World Malaria DayHealthWorld

May 31

World No Tobacco DayHealthWorld

Jun. 7

Global Running DayHealthU.S.

Jun. 14

World Blood Donor DayHealthWorld

Jun. 23

National Hydration DayHealthWorld

Jul. 3

National Stay Out of the Sun DayHealthU.S.

Jul. 28

World Hepatitis DayHealthWorld

Oct. 10

World Mental Health DayCause, HealthWorld

Oct. 13

National No Bra DayCause, HealthU.S.

Oct. 15

Global Handwashing DayCause, HealthWorld

Oct. 20

World Osteoporosis DayHealthWorld

Nov. 14

World Diabetes DayCause, HealthWorld

Dec. 1

World AIDS DayHealthWorld


American Heart MonthHealthU.S.


National Children’s Dental Health MonthHealthU.S.


Multiple Sclerosis Awareness MonthHealthU.S.


National Caffeine Awareness MonthHealthU.S.


National Colorectal Cancer Awareness MonthHealthU.S.


National Kidney MonthHealthU.S.


National Garden MonthEnvironmental, Fun, HealthU.S.


National Men's Health MonthHealthU.S.


National Men's Health WeekHealthU.S.

Where did health holidays come from?

Awareness holidays started popping up around the 1980's to bring attention to newly-discovered maladies. Activists and organizations wanted to draw attention to their causes, so they started to create days to mobilize volunteers, raise awareness, fundraise, and advocate for a cure.

Just look at World AIDS Day (Dec. 1)—the first ever global health day. HIV and AIDS started ravaging communities in 1981, killing more than 35 million. The disease wasn't even identified until 1984—but once it had a name, there was a desperate need to raise awareness before it spread further. So World AIDS Day was created in 1988 to show solidarity and champion the rights of those living with the disease.

By the 1990s, other activists had started creating holidays to draw attention to their own causes—and today we commemorate dozens of health holidays.

Submit your favorite health holidays

We'd love to hear from you at our holiday submission page if we're missing an important health holiday you commemorate every year. Before you submit, gather a bit of information about the holiday. Is it commemorated widely? Does it have a track record of coverage? If so, we'd love to add it to our calendar.

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