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WedJul 3

National Stay Out of the Sun Day – July 3, 2024

Hang up your beach towels, don your coziest attire and prepare for an all-day Netflix marathon, because believe it or not, there’s a national holiday devoted to staying indoors. National Stay Out of the Sun Day falls on July 3 each calendar year and encourages us to give our skin a much-needed break from the sweltering heat. Although one doesn’t technically need to be indoors to avoid the sun, any excuse to lounge around the house for a lengthy period of time can (and should) be taken full advantage of. Moderate sun exposure will provide you with a healthy, all-natural dose of Vitamin D, but spending too much time basking in the sun speeds up the aging process. Whether you opt to spend this holiday relishing in the great indoors, or relaxing in a hammock in the shade — we’ve got a couple of ideas to help you celebrate.

National Stay Out of the Sun Day timeline

First Sunscreens Come to Market

An American airman creates a formula that will later become Coppertone Sunscreen, while a Swiss chemistry student markets "Gletscher Crème."

Coppertone Girl

Joyce Ballantyne draws the famous Coppertone girl modeled on her 3-year-old daughter, Cheri.

Ultraviolet Filters

Piz Buin introduces sunscreens with ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B filters.

The FDA Regulates Sunscreen

Congress proposes that the FDA regulate sunscreen and sets standards for safety and efficacy

National Stay Out of the Sun Day Activities

  1. Beat the heat by spending the day indoors

    The average person has about a million things on their to-do list, so why not use this day as an opportunity to knock some of these out? All those mundane tasks you’ve been putting aside for days, weeks, or even months — now is the time to complete them (as long as they aren’t, get a wicked tan). Yay for productivity!

  2. Find a shady spot to kick back and relax

    If you’d rather not spend precious hours of summer cooped up inside, that’s perfectly understandable. You can still stay out of the sun, even whilst being surrounded by it. Take cover underneath the nearest willow tree and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Headed to the beach? Grab an umbrella to hoist into the sand, throw on your most fashionable floppy hat, and lather yourself in sunscreen with at least 45 SPF. Remember to stay hydrated!

  3. Hit the gym

    Limiting your time in the sun is good for your health, but by opting to exercise instead of subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays, you are participating in an ultimate act of self-care. Give yourself a pat on the back, because you deserve it.

Why We Love National Stay Out of the Sun Day

  1. It incites us to take care of our skin

    Despite the fact that your epidermis is constantly regenerating, it’s important to protect your body against ailments like dry skin, sunburn, and skin cancer. The best way to prevent these conditions from occurring is by staying out of the sun. There’s no such thing as a healthy tan — any time spent in the sun, even if you lack a sun burn to show for it, can ultimately damage your skin.

  2. It keeps us youthful

    The single leading cause of premature skin aging is extended exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. If you want to keep the wrinkles at bay and maintain your youthful appearance as long as you possibly can — avoid spending long periods of time in the sun. If this isn’t possible, make sure you don a broad spectrum UVB/UVA sunscreen.

  3. It leaves time for other exhilarating summer activities

    There are a hundred and one ways to celebrate summer that don’t involve direct sunlight. You can see a movie, visit a long-lost friend, volunteer at a local animal shelter, grocery shop (hey, some people find this fun), etc. Find something that intrigues you and go for it!

National Stay Out of the Sun Day dates

2024July 3Wednesday
2025July 3Thursday
2026July 3Friday
2027July 3Saturday
2028July 3Monday

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