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Leverage a moment in the calendar when all eyes are on you

Create a holiday and you’ll get

Official holiday registration

Dedicated website page

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The Power Of Calendar-Based Marketing

Reach your audience at the right time

Creating a holiday gives you an ownable moment in the calendar when all eyes are on your brand.

Give them reason to act now

Holidays combine time triggers with emotion and human connection to drive consumer action.

Be Front of mind

By owning the moment, you’re differentiating your brand when purchase decisions are made.

The ‘Source of truth’ for holidays and cultural moments.



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How long does it take to create your own holiday?

We have a team of researchers, creatives, and marketing experts who kick into action immediately. It all starts with an in-depth discovery session with you, the client (it is your holiday after all), as we take a deep dive into what you want the essence and the messaging of the holiday to be. The whole process can be completed in as little as a couple of weeks.

How long do I own the holiday for?

You will always be acknowledged in our register as the official creator of the holiday. The bespoke content, branded messaging and marketing activity that comes with the package remains in place for 12 months, at which stage you have the option to renew.

How do you promote the holiday?

Your holiday will be featured across the most prominent pages of our website and sent out to our 200k subscribers to ensure that it doesn’t slip the attention of our holiday-loving audience. Our packages also include access to our network of 5.5k holiday influencers and 10k media outlets to elevate it even further.