National Boyfriend Day – October 3, 2019

Thu Oct 3

Someone wiser than us once said that boyfriends are like lottery tickets — you don’t know what you’ve got until you scratch a little bit beneath the surface. There are a lot of losing tickets out there, but there are a lot of winners too if you know how to look! On October 3, we celebrate the winners. National Boyfriend Day is all about the good ones—the ones that surprise you with flowers, aren’t scared to meet your parents, and watch your favorite trash TV shows without complaint. Give those guys a big ol’ kiss to let them know how appreciated they are!

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National Boyfriend Day Activities

  1. Compliment him

    Because girls can often receive many compliments, men can fly under the radar. Believe it or not, they’re often starved for compliments. That means the ones they do get are appreciated and remembered for a long time. Throw a few genuine compliments his way and make his day! We can almost guarantee you’ll receive a few heartfelt ones in return.

  2. Show interest in his hobbies

    Remember when we said we love our boyfriends because they watch our favorite trash TV shows? You can show some appreciation for your boyfriend on this holiday by getting involved in some of his favorite hobbies. Does he like sports? Sit down with him and watch his favorite team play! Does he like to go climbing? It might be time to conquer your fear of heights.

  3. Treat him to something nice

    If your boyfriend does a lot of the cooking, it would be a much-appreciated gesture if you cooked him his favorite meal. Does he drive you around? Reverse the roles for a day! Your help will be much appreciated. Plus, that help builds up lots of brownie points for you. What can you use those for? Getting him to do favors for you in the future! It all comes back to you — shh!

Why We Love National Boyfriend Day

  1. They try to put their best foot forward

    Whether it’s through picking you up at the start of a date, fixing things around your apartment, or offering to pay for dinner, the best boyfriends try hard to make a good impression — even after the first impression has been made. They know they still need to put effort into the relationship, no matter how long you two have been together. And they do! Your friends love him, and you adore him even more.

  2. They’re your partner in crime

    A great boyfriend doesn’t just listen to your stories — he makes himself an accomplice to the protagonist: you! Everyone needs a “partner in crime” once in awhile, and boyfriends are usually up to the task. Whether you need a buddy to go to the taco stand across the street or to travel halfway across the world, they’re always by your side, supporting to you and adding to your story. Thank you, boyfriends of the world, for always being there!

  3. They can keep a secret

    Although all humans are different, boyfriends aren’t traditionally prone to gossip. If you’ve got a burning secret about your friend that you’ve been needing someone to talk to about, your boyfriend is probably a good place to go! Bonus: because you’re his favorite, he’ll always take your side and tell you you’re right. Who doesn’t want constant affirmation all the time? If you say you don’t, we think you’re crazy.

National Boyfriend Day dates
2019October 3Thursday
2020October 3Saturday
2021October 3Sunday
2022October 3Monday
2023October 3Tuesday