National Kissing Day – June 22, 2020

Mon Jun 22

Humans love kissing. Whether it’s watching the two love interests in a movie finally share a kiss as the credits roll at the end of the show, or whether you’re remembering your first kiss, kissing stirs a lot of emotions. National Kissing Day on June 22 celebrates all of those emotions and even more! Kisses can be performed in many ways. Many people use a simple kiss on the cheek or forehead as a greeting or a way to show affection or respect, but a kiss can also be super romantic. The act of kissing has many different connotations in different cultures around the world. And the kiss isn’t limited to two people locking lips. The famous makeup wearing rock band – that’s still playing concerts – took the name of Kiss back in the 1970s. And Hershey’s has been making its incredibly popular chocolate Kisses for more than a century. (We hate to take away from the idea of thinking the candies were named for romance, but Hershey’s Kisses chocolates actually took their name from the sound emitting from the machine that makes them.) Regardless, all of it is worth celebrating on National Kissing Day!

National Kissing Day Activities

  1. Try to make it on the “Kiss-Cam”

    The Kiss-Cam has become a staple of sporting events, thanks to the inclusion of video boards at nearly every stadium and arena. This is where a video camera at the arena finds a couple in the crowd during a break in the action, shows them on the video board, and encourages them to kiss. (And if any couple refuses to kiss on the video board, they’ll be booed unmercifully.)

  2. Eat plenty of Hershey’s Kisses

    Sure, it’s National Kissing Day, not “National Let’s Eat Chocolate Until We’re Sick Day”. But sharing chocolate can be a romantic gesture too. It’s not quite the same as kissing, but chocolate has a place in romance. So go ahead and share a few – or a lot – of the famous chocolate Kisses with your significant other.

  3. Kiss a loved one

    Do we really have to spell this one out for you? National Kissing Day is a great chance to show your affection for your loved ones, whether it’s your spouse, family members, or a really, really close friend. If you think they’ll object, find some mistletoe and carry it with you. Sure, you’re mixing holidays, but the gesture should break the ice.

Why We Love National Kissing Day

  1. Kissing is a great way to show passion

    Folks around the world use kissing for different reasons. In some cultures two quick kisses on the cheek can be the equivalent of a quick greeting. But kissing is really reserved for showing passion. So on this National Kissing Day, why not use it as an excuse to show your significant other how much you love them? A passionate kiss is a great way to start. Muah.

  2. Kissing has a long history

    The first mentions of kissing in human text dates back to 1500 B.C., so the art of kissing has a long history. Take some time to learn more about kissing on National Kissing Day. For example, did you know that the term French kiss began in the 1920s as a way to make fun of French society’s obsession with sex? Studying kissing can be fun … even if you’re alone.

  3. Kissing is a great metaphor

    Kissing has such an important place in human culture that it’s used often as a metaphor. In the Bible, the breath of God is said to have given humans the “kiss of life”. And the “kiss of death” has worked its way into many aspects of culture.

National Kissing Day dates
2020June 22Monday
2021June 22Tuesday
2022June 22Wednesday
2023June 22Thursday
2024June 22Saturday