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SunJun 22

National HVAC Tech Day – June 22, 2025

With summer just getting started, no doubt your AC’s are going to be working to full capacity, that’s why every  June 22 we Celebrate National HVAC Tech Day to honor our very hard-working repairmen and women keeping us cool in the blazing heat. Summer is brutal for a lot of people across the globe, and the need for a properly functioning AC unit is crucial, especially for those closer to the equator. Oftentimes we take advantage of that luxury and it’s important to think back to before air conditioning was a standard in every household on the block and consider the importance and value of your local HVAC Tech. Plus, don’t forget When an HVAC professional helps you select and maintain efficient heating and cooling systems, they’re also helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

History of National HVAC Tech Day

Founded in 2016, by ARS/Rescue Rooter, a national provider of home services, National HVAC Tech Day is to show appreciation for all HVAC technicians in the industry. In honoring them we choose to explore the history behind the development of the air conditioning.

Romans are largely credited with having the first central heating system that channeled hot air from a furnace through pipes inside walls and beneath floors. Early Korea also had a similar system, using excess heat from cooking stoves to heat the air. Additionally, early Muslim architects are known to have constructed pipes under floors to keep the entire building warm.

When it comes to cooling, Ancient Egyptians hung cold towels in the windows so that the air would come in contact with the towels and cool off inside residents. In 200 CE, China invented fans near water fountains that blew cold air through the room. And during the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin brought advancements when experimenting with chemical evaporation by discovering how to freeze surfaces.

Just after the turn of the century, Albert Marsh discovered Chromel; an alloy made of Chromium and Nickel. This new alloy heralded the coming of electrical heating elements in the market and was also 300 times stronger than other similar materials at the time. For his contributions, Albert Marsh is widely regarded as “the father of the electrical heating industry.” Finally, in 1902 Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioning unit by reversing the process a heater uses.

National HVAC Tech Day timeline

Turn it up

James Watt of Scotland develops the first working steam-based heating system for his home using a central boiler and a system of pipes.

The First Electric Heater

Thomas Edison Invents the electric heater.

Keep it Room Temp

American professor and inventor Warren Johnson Patents the first thermostat.

Cool Rider

The first car air conditioner is installed in a Packard.

National HVAC Tech Day FAQs

What is a HVAC?

The acronym HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and it’s the broadly used term to describe the equipment used to keep homes at a comfortable temperature.

How long does a HVAC last?

Typically, most HVAC systems will survive somewhere between 15 and 25 years, but depending on the type of system and other contributing factors, that estimate may vary.

What is included in a HVAC system?

Modern systems include air filtration and cleaning elements as well as heating, ventilation, and an air-conditioning unit.

National HVAC Tech Day Activities

  1. Give your HVAC Tech’s a shoutout

    Use the hashtag #NationalHVACTechDay and show some love for all their hard work!

  2. Learn about HVAC

    There are tons of inventors who contributed to the development of the modern HVAC, it’s well worth looking into!

  3. Change your filter

    It’s likely your AC is due for a new filter, get ahead of it today and apply a fresh one before it’s too late.


  1. Cold Theaters

    The first industry to really use air conditioning was cinema throughout all of the public theaters.

  2. AC in the White House

    The first president to have air conditioning in the Oval Office was Herbert Hoover.

  3. Cash Unit

    In 1953 more than one million AC units were sold in the U.S

  4. The cost to be cool

    Today, the average family spends $2,000 annually on energy bills, with half of that going toward keeping their homes cool or warm.

  5. We are spoiled

    Scientific studies have shown that our reliance on air conditioning has actually reduced our ability to handle extreme heat.

Why We Love National HVAC Tech Day

  1. They go where we wouldn’t dare

    Crawl spaces, attics, and all places in between are no obstacle for HVAC Tech and we think that’s very brave.

  2. They deal with extreme conditions constantly

    There’s no doubt you’ve had a broken AC before, so you know how brutal it can be, now imagine working in that heat every day. They’ve got a tough job and we respect them for that.

  3. They can save you money!

    When an HVAC professional helps you select and maintain efficient heating and cooling systems, they’re also helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

National HVAC Tech Day dates

2025June 22Sunday
2026June 22Monday
2027June 22Tuesday
2028June 22Thursday
2029June 22Friday

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