Technology Holidays

You probably don’t stop to appreciate technology—but without it, National Today couldn’t even exist! We’re so excited to celebrate technology year-round with 4 holidays.

Where did technology holidays come from?

Technology has changed so rapidly over the past hundred years, and holidays have sprung up both to commemorate older technologies and to safeguard new ones. Just take National Telephone Day (Apr. 25) which was started to celebrate the history of the old-fashioned cord phone (that's right, we're not talking about those new-fangled smartphones).

When the Internet was invented around 1990 and widely adopted in the early 2000s, holidays began to focus more on this amazing new technology. While some just celebrate it—National Internet Day is on October 29—many others caution against its misuse. Safer Internet Day (Feb. 6), for example, reminds us that we all need to be very wary of how we conduct ourselves online.

Which technology is your favorite, and how will you celebrate it this year?

Submit your favorite technology holidays

If we're missing a technology holiday you love to celebrate, submit it at your holiday submission page. Before you submit, make sure it's a widely celebrated holiday with a track record of coverage. If it is, we'd love to hear from you!