Technology Holidays

Technology plays a huge role — the biggest role, in fact — in our every day lives. It helps us do our jobs, it helps us get to where we need to go, and it keeps us healthy. It’s so engrained in us that we don’t often take the time to acknowledge everything technology allows us to do. Luckily, with nearly 25 holidays throughout the year related to technology, there are ample opportunities to recognize the benefits we reap from it.

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Feb 5 Wednesday
National Weatherperson's Day,
Feb 11 Tuesday
National Clean Out Your Computer Day
Safer Internet Day,
Feb 13 Thursday
World Radio Day
Feb 28 Friday
Rare Disease Day,
Mar 6 Friday
National Day of Unplugging
Mar 10 Tuesday
Mario Day, ,
National Landline Telephone Day, ,
Mar 18 Wednesday
National Biodiesel Day, ,
Mar 31 Tuesday
World Backup Day
Apr 11 Saturday
National Eight Track Tape Day,
Apr 25 Saturday
National DNA Day,
National Telephone Day
May 7 Thursday
World Password Day
May 22 Friday
International Day for Biological Diversity, , ,
Jun 22 Monday
National HVAC Tech Day
Jun 29 Monday
National Camera Day, , ,
Jun 30 Tuesday
International Asteroid Day, , ,
Social Media Day, , , ,
Jul 20 Monday
National Moon Day, , , ,
Aug 19 Wednesday
World Photo Day, ,
Aug 20 Thursday
National Radio Day
Aug 23 Sunday
Cheap Flight Day, ,
Sep 12 Saturday
National Day of Civic Hacking
National Video Games Day
Sep 15 Tuesday
National Online Learning Day,
Sep 30 Wednesday
International Podcast Day
Oct 5 Monday
Amazon Prime Day, ,
Oct 17 Saturday
National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
Oct 23 Friday
National Mole Day,
Oct 29 Thursday
National Internet Day
Nov 17 Tuesday
National Unfriend Day,
Nov 21 Saturday
World Television Day
Nov 30 Monday
National Computer Security Day, , ,
Dec 28 Monday
National Download Day
National Inventors Month,