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WedApr 23

National Email Day – April 23, 2025

A day to recognize email is long overdue. Email has changed virtually every facet of society. To celebrate the beauty of this technology, we invite you to acknowledge Email Day every year.

National Email Day, on April 23, is an initiative of the leading email verification and validation tool, ZeroBounce. The company chose the date of April 23 as a salute to Ray Tomlinson, known as the inventor of email.

If you send mass emails, you invest a lot of time into perfecting every single message. The last thing you want is for these messages to end up in the Spam folder. ZeroBounce understands the importance of email communication and helps senders purge their mailing lists, clean up inactive and unverified email accounts, and boost metrics.

These are just some of the powerful deliverability benefits ZeroBounce offers. You can also reduce the chances of your email ending up in the spam folder by scoring your email database and testing your emails before hitting Send. Scaling your business through email marketing has never been easier.

Sign-up for ZeroBounce between April 23 and April 30 to receive 23% off of your order.

History of National Email Day

ZeroBounce and National Today present the first-ever National Email Day on April 23. Marketing trends and mediums have evolved over time, but there is nothing comparable to email. However, not all emails reach their recipients. Some can end up in the Spam folder, others don’t even make it there.

What determines where your email goes? An essential factor is the quality of your email list. Whether you’re sending transactional or marketing emails, it pays to check that the recipients are real by validating your email list. To reach the inbox and scale your business efficiently, ZeroBounce helps you identify bad contacts – with 98% guaranteed accuracy. More than 150,000 companies that use ZeroBounce enjoy a better sender reputation and see their email ROI increase.

Decided to give ZeroBounce a try? Signing up takes only a minute and comes with 100 free monthly email verifications.

Next, upload your email list, so ZeroBounce can detect and remove poor-quality contacts, inactive leads, and bots. Using the email verifier will reduce bounces, boost open rates, and increase your chances of landing in the inbox.

Now that your mailing list is clean, connect ZeroBounce’s email validation API to your registration forms. When people sign up, the API will authenticate their email addresses in real-time. The next step is to test your email for the best inbox placement. ZeroBounce’s mail server tester detects misconfigurations, while the inbox placement tester tells you where your message will land with providers around the world. Keep testing until you are satisfied with your email deliverability.

Finally, ZeroBounce tells you whether your sending domain or IP have been blacklisted. This can significantly affect your entire marketing campaign. The good news is that you can find out if that’s the case with ZeroBounce’s blacklist monitoring service. The tool alerts you if you’ve been added to a blacklist, so you can get delisted.

ZeroBounce was founded in 2016 by renowned entrepreneur Liviu Tanase. With 18 years of experience in telecommunications, Tanase inspires, creates, and markets unique technologies.

National Email Day timeline

The First Email Is Sent

American computer programmer Ray Tomlinson sends the first email from one computer to another.

ZeroBounce Is Founded

Email validation service and deliverability toolkit ZeroBounce is founded by Liviu Tanase.

Going Places

ZeroBounce is the recipient of the Affy Award for Outstanding Internet Achievement.

Rising to the Top

ZeroBounce takes no. 40 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America.

Esteemed Recognition

ZeroBounce ranks at number 52 on the Inc. 5000 Regionals Southeast list, “Inc.” magazine.

A Holiday Is Born

The first-ever National Email Day is celebrated.

National Email Day FAQs

What are the three types of email marketing?

Three of the most well-known types of email marketing are newsletters, transactional emails, and behavioral emails.

What does ZeroBounce do?

ZeroBounce is an email validation service and deliverability toolkit that helps businesses filter their mailing lists, score their email contacts, and ensure that more emails land in people’s inboxes.

What is the pricing of ZeroBounce?

ZeroBounce offers pay-as-you-go rates and subscriptions. Head over to to learn more about their pricing. Sign-up for ZeroBounce between April 23 and April 30 to receive 23% off any order.

National Email Day Activities

  1. Get started with your business

    With everything only a few clicks away, there has never been a better time to start your business. Put your thinking cap on and set off on your new venture.

  2. Scale your business using ZeroBounce

    Email marketing is a great way to reach your desired audience with impactful messages delivered straight to someone’s inbox. To get the most out of your marketing campaign, head over to ZeroBounce’s website and learn more about their powerful email marketing tools.

  3. Sign up and get 23% off!

    What better way to celebrate Email Day than with a fantastic discount? Sign-up with ZeroBounce between April 23 and April 30 and get 23% off any purchase!

5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Brand

  1. Having a directionless email list

    A random list of email addresses will not produce conversions.

  2. Content with no value

    Emails with content that isn’t bringing value to the reader will have minimum impact and engagement.

  3. Sending emails too often or not often enough

    Sending too many emails is a sure way to kill your engagement. However, if you disappear and then resume sending emails later, your subscribers will forget about you and may mark you as spam.

  4. Not segmenting emails

    According to a National Client Email Report from the DMA, 77% of all email marketing ROI was the result of segmented and targeted campaigns.

  5. An unclear call to action

    Your email must have a clear and compelling call to action.

Why We Love National Email Day

  1. Tools for entrepreneurs

    Some say that entrepreneurs are the future. Tools such as ZeroBounce are here to make operations and the scaling of businesses easy for them.

  2. We love a good discount!

    Sign-up for ZeroBounce between April 23 and April 30 to receive 23% off of your purchase!

  3. Marketing at its best

    It’s so satisfying to see the execution of a great marketing campaign. Many entrepreneurs and professionals take their businesses to the next level using ZeroBounce for email marketing. On National Email Day, we love to see a greater appreciation for email and create more awareness of Ray Tomlinson and his innovation.

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