National Picnic Day – April 23, 2019

Tue Apr 23

Okay, we have a confession—we love picnics. Whether we’re going outside with a four-course meal or spreading a blanket on the floor of our living room with some week-old leftovers, it’s always a magical time. Some naysayers maintain that a picnic has to be outside with “proper” food. But here at National Today, we think picnic is a state of mind. It’s a relaxing state of zen you can only get from vegging out with some good food and even more fantastic friends. Just thinking about it makes us happy. So rain or shine, you better be picnicking this April 23—because it’s National Picnic Day!

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9 Picnic Essentials for National Picnic Day

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National Picnic Day - Survey Results

Additional Findings:

#1: Sandwiches (36%)
#2: Fried chicken (29%)
#3: Watermelon (29%)
#4: Potato salad (28%)
#5: Chips and dip (23%)
#6: Deviled eggs (20%)
#7: Pasta salad (15%)
#8: Fruit salad (14%)
#9: Pie (9%)
#10: Baked beans (9%)
#11: Cheese (7%)
#12: Pickles (6%)
#13: Leafy salad (3%)
#14: Leftovers (2%)

National Picnic Day Activities

  1. Make a picnic package

    You know how you're always envying picnickers that clearly have their lives together more than you do? They have the gingham tablecloth, the wicker baskets, and most importantly, the handy plastic silverware. They're just better at life than you are—but that can change. Make a picnic package now so that when you're in the picnicking mood, it's all ready to go! And the next time you sit in a park with food, picnickers will be jealous of you.

  2. Kick your picnic game up a notch

    Picnics are generally associated with easy-going afternoons. But this National Picnic Day, kick that construct to the curb and do something bougie AF. Drive to an out-of-the-way campsite instead of your local neighborhood park. Put on a gown or a tux instead of your worn-out Lululemons. Bake a gourmet four-course meal instead of your regular PB&J sandwiches! But don't do all these things at once, unless you want to be the weirdest picnicker this world has ever seen.

  3. Crash a picnic

    Don't literally crash a random passerby's picnic—that's super weird, and frankly, we're offended that you think we'd suggest it. However, there are a bunch of platforms like that make it easy to find public picnics and other social gatherings. They're probably happening right under your nose, so branch out a bit and try something new! Who knows, you might be so inspired you'll bring a cheeseball to the gathering.

Why We Love National Picnic Day

  1. It's an excuse for fun with friends

    Any activity that allows us to hang with our friends and loved ones is something worth doing. That's why picnics are so great! They allow us to combine our two favorite pastimes: friends and food. Could we ask for anything more? (That's a rhetorical question.)

  2. It makes a meal out of lunch

    Personally, we love lunch. But in this busy world we're living in, it can be hard to make time for even the greatest of meals. It's easy to eat something in the morning and then bide your time until dinner. It's even easier to eat lunch at your desk every single day without fail. But picnics remind us that lunch is an exciting meal we shouldn't be taking for granted. So get away from your desk and give lunch the attention it deserves!

  3. Picnics are nostalgic

    Who's the wonderful adult that first introduced you to the joy of picnicking? (Go get them a present, because they changed your life irrevocably.) Relive the glory days where you were a newbie who was just being introduced to the mind-boggling awesomeness of picnics. And do your part for the world by introducing a new generation to picnics this National Picnic Day!