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Pet Tech CPR Day – April 23, 2025

Pet Tech CPR Day is celebrated on April 23 each year, and the name clues us in as to who is responsible for instituting such a day. Pet Tech is an international training organization, which claims to be the first of its kind in providing training for pet C.P.R. and first aid and care. This is primarily aimed at dogs and cats, however, perhaps the training might prove useful for other pets too. There is no such thing as wasted knowledge anyway, especially when it comes to health and safety. The purpose of Pet Tech CPR Day is to remind people to stay abreast of, and educated about pet safety. You just never know when the need to save your pet’s life may arise.

History of Pet Tech CPR Day

April is the perfect time to raise awareness about the need for pet health since it happens to be National Pet First Aid Awareness Month too. Presumably, Pet Tech was thinking along the same lines, by instituting Pet Tech CPR Day on April 23. While we’re not sure just how long this day has been around for, we’re glad that our furry friends’ needs are being highlighted in this manner.

Animals have been around for longer than we have, and while we may not know who the first pet parent was, we can trace the history of pet health care to the development of veterinary science itself. As far back as 9000 B.C., shepherds in the Middle East were using basic medical skills to treat their sheep and the dogs who helped them herd. Around 3000 B.C., there was a healer called Urlugaledinna, who lived in what was then Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). This person was said to be an “expert at healing animals” and from this era onwards, literature has been sprinkled with references to veterinary medicine and its practices. In 1900 B.C., written accounts of veterinary practices were found in four sacred Hindu texts. However, it was only in 1761 that the first veterinary school was founded in Lyon, France, by Claude Bourgelat. This is commonly seen as the inception of veterinary science as a profession. In Britain, in 1785, the Odiham Agricultural Society met together and discussed the importance of farriery becoming a scientific study in itself since the health of horses was crucial to life at the time. Thanks to their discussion, the London Veterinary College came to be established in 1791. This was how professionals came to band together and dedicate themselves to the study of animal medicine and health care.

While initially, much focus was on the health needs of horses, especially because of their role in the military, over time the study broadened to include domestic animals and then household pets, such as cats and dogs. Today, the field of veterinary science encompasses animals ranging from livestock to exotic pets and wildlife.

Pet Tech CPR Day timeline

9000 B.C.
Shepherds Become Veterinary Practitioners

Shepherds in the Middle East apply rudimentary medical knowledge to their sheep and watchdogs.

1900 B.C.
The First Written Accounts of Animal Medicine

Four sacred Hindu texts reveal a demarcation between human and animal medicine.

The First Vet School is Founded

Claude Bourgelat, the first professional veterinarian, establishes a vet school in Lyon, France.

An Ancient Veterinary Science Textbook is Discovered

Archaeologists discover the first veterinary medical textbook, written on papyrus.

The American Veterinary Medical Association

In America, the American Veterinary Medical Association is founded to promote the field of veterinary science.

Pet Tech CPR Day FAQs

What is ABC in C.P.R.?

ABC stands for ‘airway, breathing, and circulation via chest compression.’ Vets recommend that this pattern be followed for animal C.P.R. However, for human C.P.R., the opposite is recommended; CAB — chest, airway, breathing.

What are the three aims of animal first aid?

The three aims of animal first aid are similar to that of human first aid as well. They are to preserve life, to help prevent any suffering, and to keep the situation from worsening or deteriorating.

How do you perform C.P.R. on a pet?

According to some sources, the first step is to breathe into your pet’s nose with your mouth. This should be done until you can observe their chest rising. Then the next breath is to be given. C.P.R. should continue following a cycle of 30 chest compressions, then two ‘rescue breaths’’ and so on, until your pet begins breathing independently. Every two minutes or so, you should check for a heartbeat.

How to Observe Pet Tech CPR Day

  1. Pick a class

    Explore the official Pet Tech website and find a class near you. There are so many to choose from, which cover both pet C.P.R. and first aid and care. As pet parents, this is literally a matter of life and death. For those who are not yet pet parents, the sooner you learn this stuff, the better.

  2. Participate in record setting

    According to the Pet Tech website, by enrolling in a pet C.P.R. class, you can be a part of the movement to break the world record for most people learning pet C.P.R. in one day. There is also another record for the most people learning pet C.P.R. in the most states in a day. Either way, it’s a pretty ‘pawsome' idea.

  3. Gift a class

    Perhaps you are not, and never will be, a pet parent. That’s completely alright. You are sure to know a pet parent or two though, so why not use this day to gift a pet C.P.R. class to one of them? It’s a great opportunity for them to learn the basics, should the need ever arise.

5 Facts Guaranteed To Give Pet Parent Feels

  1. Seniors and pets go together

    Studies show that senior citizens over the age of 65, who own pets, make 30% fewer visits to the doctor than those without.

  2. Dogs can sniff out cancer

    Dogs can be trained to detect certain kinds of cancer in humans.

  3. Cats are most popular

    While this may come as a surprise to some, there are more pet cats in the U.S. than pet dogs.

  4. Mental health monitors

    There are many studies showing the positive effects of owning a pet on mental health, especially when it comes to keeping loneliness and depression at bay.

  5. Allergy protection for little ones

    Raising a pet along with your infant has been proven to increase a child’s immunity and prevent them from developing allergies later in life.

Why Pet Tech CPR Day is Important

  1. We love our pets

    For those of us who are pet parents, this cannot be said enough. And for those who are not, we are sure your hearts are not made of stone, and that you do care for animals (albeit from a safe distance). Being a pet parent is an experience that bonds people all over the world, hence a day like this is important in spreading awareness about the need to take pet emergency care into account.

  2. Teaches us animal first aid

    Pet first aid and care is a burgeoning field, as more people become aware of the need to educate and equip themselves. Training from places of repute is important in order to be able to act with the proper knowledge and skills. Animal health is just as important as human health after all.

  3. Acknowledges the place of pets

    Pets occupy almost as significant a place in society today, as people do. They are seen as equal members of families and the benefits which owning a pet brings to one’s quality of life are countless. We’re glad that pets are getting the recognition they deserve, and that their needs are being acknowledged on this day and month.

Pet Tech CPR Day dates

2025April 23Wednesday
2026April 23Thursday
2027April 23Friday
2028April 23Sunday
2029April 23Monday

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