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WedApr 23

National Bryan Day – April 23, 2025

National Bryan Day is on April 23 annually. Bryan comes from an old Middle English language that mostly lacks definite spelling rules. Some Latin names have different alternatives ― Bryan is an example. Brian, Brion, and Bryon are variations of Bryan. In other languages and cultures, Bryan has different spellings ― in Polish, it is spelled ‘Brajan’ and is ‘Brayan’ in Spanish. You may think Bryan is solely a masculine name as it’s often a boy’s name; however, it has feminine forms, such as Breana, Breann, Breanne, Briana, Brianna, Brianne, Bryana, Bryanna, and Bryanne. Name days are worth celebrating since names are our identities; whether self-given or named at birth, they’re what we call ourselves in the world. Today we celebrate the brilliant Bryans from all different walks of life because they’re dear to us.

History of National Bryan Day

The origin of Bryan is somewhat vague; however, it’s thought to have Celtic roots. There are also records of family clans of the O’Brians that resided in Ireland; from their Irish Gaelic definition, ‘Bre’ means ‘hill’ and can translate to ‘noble’ or ‘high standing.’ ‘Eminence’ or ‘exalted one’ as meanings of Bryan came from this.

The O’Brians were mainly in Munster and were of great importance due to their notable forefather, the great Brian Boru ― King of Leinster and Munster in the 10th century known in history for fighting the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf.

The name rapidly started gaining popularity in East Anglia during the Middle Ages because of the Bretons who settled in Ireland and introduced ‘Bryan’ to England following the Norman Conquest in the 12th century. This native Irish name, Bryan, was also adopted by Scandinavian Vikings who independently introduced it to northwestern England settlers before the Norman Conquest. Within the Gaelic-speaking areas of Scotland, Bryan was initially only used by professional families of Irish origin; however, with time, English noblemen, French aristocrats, and so on bore the name. The story behind ‘Bryan’ is filled with conquests and fuelled by intrigue; thus, it’s no surprise that its popularity has risen through the years.

National Bryan Day timeline

A Historic Moment

The most famous Bryan is Brian Boru, a 10th-century High King of Ireland who battled the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf.

Top Four Name

Bryan tops the name chart for boys at number four.

Most Popular Years

The use of the name is on the rise.

Global Popularity

Bryan steadily gains popularity worldwide and becomes increasingly popular in South America and Uruguay.

National Bryan Day FAQs

How much does a Bryan earn?

A study done in 2014 showed that people named Bryan had an average salary of $66,898 in the U.S.

How common is the name Bryan?

Bryan ranked the 124,485th most popular name worldwide, meaning it is borne by approximately one in 1,990,045 people.

How are their personalities?

People with this name are often ambitious, successful, realistic, powerful, authoritative, courageous, and leading. Coupled with their happy personalities, they’re lovable individuals.

National Bryan Day Activities

  1. Honor the Saint

    You can pay homage to the saint or martyr you or your loved one is named after. Read a story or sing a song about the saint.

  2. Make them lunch

    Try preparing a special name day meal. Many folks, especially parents and grandparents, will appreciate the effort in making them feel special on this day.

  3. Send them a handmade card

    Send the person a ‘happy name day’ card. It takes little to no time and would be a pleasant surprise for them.

5 Interesting Facts About Fictional Bryans

  1. Bryan Griffin from “Family Guy”

    He is a loving family member, trusted friend, and uncle of the Griffin family; he aspires to be a renowned novelist.

  2. Brian Kinney from “Queer as Folk”

    He is the show’s anti-hero who lived vicariously and acted as he deemed fit; however, he always strived to protect those he cared about.

  3. Brian O'Conner from the “Fast and Furious”

    He was the heart of this franchise; his character had a way of making others feel at ease, which helped him form lifelong friendships in and outside the show.

  4. “Monty Python's Life of Brian”

    In this comedy parody, Brian was a simple man who was mistaken to be Jesus because they were born on the same day.

  5. Brian Johnson from “The Breakfast Club”

    He’s an unpopular nerd who is friends with the school’s janitor but is the brain of the gang.

Why We Love National Bryan Day

  1. It’s like a second birthday

    Imagine everyone showering you with gifts of endearment and affection to celebrate your name. Also, no one asks any questions about your age.

  2. Your identity is known

    Every name day is an opportunity to educate yourself on your name. Find out why you were named so and what it means.

  3. Tradition stands

    A name day is a feast day of the saint whose name you share. Observing the day is an excellent way to commemorate why names are important.

National Bryan Day dates

2025April 23Wednesday
2026April 23Thursday
2027April 23Friday
2028April 23Sunday
2029April 23Monday

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