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WedApr 23

International Creator Day – April 23, 2025

International Creator Day takes place on April 23 and is a global initiative that celebrates the significant contribution that social media content creators have made to the lives of people around the world. With over half the world’s population using social media, and content being uploaded every second for a waiting audience, 500 hours of content are uploaded to youtube every minute alone. Today is an important day to recognize the people who make all of that possible, the creators.

History of International Creator Day

International Creator Day was established to show appreciation and spread awareness about the power and influence that content creators have around the world. In our very connected global community, content creators are fast becoming digital oases for individuals to gather around to learn, grow, and feel connected to a community, or message that they cannot access in their geographic location.

Content creation today takes many forms, and with the growth in monetized digital content, content creation has evolved over the last few centuries. However, the end goal, to generate interest in a product with the intention to sell, remains there. Content creators play an important role in establishing online digital communities, content needs to be appropriate, relevant, and have specific outcomes to qualify an audience and maximize potential revenue.

In the 1700s, Benjamin Franklin wrote an annual publication to promote his printing business, “Poor Richard’s Almanack,” — this is considered to be the first instance of real content creation that can be linked to the content that individuals and companies are publishing or posting today. The rise of social media platforms and the ensuing global buy-in to multiple digital platforms began to take hold internationally in the mid-2000s. From there, interest and applications have skyrocketed with billions of users making use of these apps, as most platforms begin to merge while remaining to automize from one another. The global community is spoilt for choice when it comes to following and finding unique content creators whose story aligns with their personal needs. International content creators are here to stay, and although their impact on society is diverse, they are making an impact and deserve recognition for their contribution.

International Creator Day timeline

The Internet is Born

On January 1, the internet is born.

Social Media is Born is established and is the first true social media platform.

MySpace is Launched

Tom Anderson launches the first social media platform with a global audience and paves the way for global social media buy-in.

Content Creators Cash In

YouTube, founded in 2005, begins to pay content creators a dividend of their advertising revenue.

Everyone’s using Facebook

Facebook sets a record high, with just over three billion users registered on the platform.

International Creator Day FAQs

Can I become a content creator?

Yes, anyone who is putting data into a digital space can be a content creator.

What does ‘viral’ mean?

‘Viral’ is a term coined for content that is pushed and spread rapidly around the world through shared social media platforms.

Which social media platform is the best?

There is no hard and fast answer to this question. Social media platforms have specific features and products that are designed to speak to different users. While they are all capable of providing you with a platform, it will depend on your needs and how well a platform meets them.

International Creator Day Activities

  1. Share your story

    Content creation isn’t just about creating a revenue stream or going viral. It's also about becoming a part of a global community, so share your story.

  2. Subscribe

    One way to celebrate is to follow or subscribe to content that is relevant and appealing to you. Show your support to those you feel speak to you.

  3. Give new creators a chance

    It's a competitive space, and a lot of worthwhile content gets lost in all the “noise” of social media. Give a newbie a thumbs up and promote their content.

5 Interesting Facts About Content Creation

  1. It's about content

    Currently, if you’re a content creator using YouTube, for every one million views your video receives, you can potentially generate between $2,000 to $3,000 of revenue.

  2. Ryan Kaji

    Kaji, an 11-year-old, is reportedly the highest-paid YouTube star, from 2019 to 2020.

  3. Most followers

    In 2022, Instagram has the highest number of followers on its own account, with just over 493 million followers, followed by Christiano Ranaldo, who has 426 million.

  4. Over half the global population

    58.7% of the world's population makes use of social media, using one or more platforms, daily.

  5. Instagram has no limit

    There is no limit to the amount of content a user can upload on Instagram daily, and the platform reports around 95 million uploads every 24 hours.

Why We Love International Creator Day

  1. It celebrates an important evolution in human society

    Content creators, although rather recent, are playing an essential part in the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The expansion of possibilities within digital spaces is an essential factor in the advancement of human society.

  2. It's easy to get involved

    It's great to celebrate and appreciate what people are doing globally. What makes this day so much more enjoyable is just how simple it is to get involved in.

  3. Content creators are doing positive things

    While there are more and more content creators entering the industry, and it may seem like the internet is flooded with things you are not interested in, there is something out there for everyone. No matter where you are in your life, someone is putting out information that will speak to you.

International Creator Day dates

2025April 23Wednesday
2026April 23Thursday
2027April 23Friday
2028April 23Sunday
2029April 23Monday

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