National Best Friends Day – June 8, 2020

Mon Jun 8

Don’t underestimate the power of friendship. As the Mayo Clinic reports: “Friends help you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss, or the death of a loved one. They also encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise.” Seize the chance to tell your best friend, bestie or BFF how much you love them on June 8  — National Best Friends Day.

Where would we be without our friends? They’re the ones who know how to make us smile when we’re feeling down. The longer you have been friends with someone, the more special the relationship. Sometimes you know your best friend even better than anyone else on the planet. Celebrate your unique bond by getting together this National Best Friends Day. Call, text, chat — whatever it takes. Our friends make us all better people.

National Best Friends Day - Survey Results



Do you have a best friend?

#1: Yes, one (46%)
#2: Yes, multiple (39%)
#3: No (15%)

Who do Americans consider to be their best friends?

#1: My significant other (43%)
#2: My dog (19%)
#3: My mom (19%)
#4: My sibling (14%)
#5: My dad (11%)
#6: My cat (9%)

Do you believe you can only have one best friend?

#1: No (75%)
#2: Yes (25%)

Which of the following about best friends is true for you:

#1: My best friend is like a family member (54%)
#2: I have owned a “best friend” necklace or bracelet (22%)
#3: I have made a friendship bracelet for my best friend (16%)
#4: My parents like my best friend more than me (6%)

When did you meet your best friend?

#1: Elementary school (24%)
#2: High school (24%)
#3: Middle school (18%)
#4: Post high school/college (16%)
#5: Post-college (11%)
#6: Preschool (8%)

National Best Friends Day Activities

  1. Do something new

    You might know what they want to cross off their bucket list, or you can take them somewhere fun and unique. No doubt they will return the favor next National Best Friends Day.

  2. Arrange a surprise party

    Plan a birthday party for your best friend with your other buddies. You can all get together and collaborate to make decorations and snacks your bestie will love.

  3. Do something you used to do together

    Life gets in the way, but make time to reconnect. Best friends share a certain bond that's worth revisiting.

Why We Love National Best Friends Day

  1. They're practically family

    Everyone loves their family, but they can get on your nerves sometimes. Friends are so special because they make up your extended family, but your relationship is based on the fact that you both decide that you like each other.

  2. They're fun

    You can share your common interests, or maybe get pushed outside of your comfort zone. Go out and do something you will both enjoy; one day in the future you'll be reminiscing about that day too.

  3. They're forever

    Friends’ lives change; they can move away, or get a new job, but our best friends are always in our hearts. Whether your best friends live down the street or halfway across the world, they’re still your best friends.

National Best Friends Day dates
2020June 8Monday
2021June 8Tuesday
2022June 8Wednesday
2023June 8Thursday
2024June 8Saturday