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National Upsy Daisy Day
SatJun 8

Upsy Daisy Day – June 8, 2024

Upsy Daisy Day is celebrated on June 8 every year, encouraging you to allow positivity into your life. Yes, there can be the occasional bumps in the journey of life that may leave us demotivated and stressed. However, if we express gratitude every day and believe that each day is a gift to us, we can carry on with a positive attitude and overcome any challenges. The actions we take and the choices we make when we decide how to react to a particular event are what can make or break us.

History of Upsy Daisy Day

Upsy Daisy Day is the brainchild of Stephanie West Allen who created this day in 2003. Her vision behind this day is to make humor, laughter, and a positive attitude part of the Upsy Daisy Day way. ‘Upsy-daisy’ is actually a term dating back to the mid-19th century that was used to show encouragement to a child who has fallen or is being picked up.

It’s no mystery that waking up with a good attitude can give you a smooth start to the day and help you be more productive and happy. It is also believed that your outlook towards life and how you react to situations that come your way is a choice that you make. If you consistently react negatively to situations and think of more problems than solutions to a problem, you are going to be unhappy.

It is fairly effortless to be grateful for the blessings that we have been given. There will be times when life really challenges us but it is up to us to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But unless we do not try to adopt an optimistic attitude, we will not be able to achieve the utmost happiness in life. Once we do try, we might be surprised at how good it feels from within and will end up radiating our brightness, thereby bringing light into other people’s lives.

Therefore, Upsy Daisy Day is important and, for this one day, you should believe that whatever happens, happens for the best.

Upsy Daisy Day timeline

Positive Psychology is Coined

American psychologist Abraham Maslow coins the term ‘positive psychology.’

Focus on Mental Health

Psychologists start focusing on mental health in addition to treating mental illnesses.

Positive Psychology

As president of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Martin Seligman builds the field called Positive Psychology.

Positive Psychology Conference

The first International Conference on Positive Psychology takes place.

Upsy Daisy Day FAQs

What is Upsy Daisy Day?

National Upsy Daisy Day promotes living a cheerful and gleeful life. It encourages us to be positive and calm when dealing with day-to-day activities. 

How can you celebrate National Upsy Daisy Day?

Celebrating National Upsy Daisy Day isn’t hard. You can decide to wake up happy, do activities that help you stay cheerful, and indulge in activities that spread joy to other lives as well. 

Is National Upsy Daisy Day a real holiday?

National Upsy Daisy Day is not a federal public holiday, meaning you don’t get off from work or school. It is a fun and quirky day you can celebrate nevertheless. 

How To Celebrate Upsy Daisy Day

  1. Leave an anonymous note

    On National Upsy Daisy Day, you can encourage someone else to have a bright and cheerful day by leaving them an anonymous note. You can add some words of inspiration and a few tips on how you maintain a positive attitude. It will surely help someone else have a fabulous day.

  2. Indulge in self-love

    Taking care of yourself and indulging in self-love is imperative to maintain an optimistic attitude. Go for a spa or mini health retreat, do a skincare treatment at home, or you can even meditate to destress. These activities will surely help you be more positive and calm in life.

  3. Participate in social work

    It is important to be able to spread joy in other people’s lives who may not be as privileged as you. Participate in a day full of social work at a local shelter. Spend time with the underprivileged, bring food for them, and just be there. It will provide them with a sense of belonging and feel like they are cared for and important.

5 Interesting Facts About Positive Thinking

  1. It’s good for the heart

    A study has found that optimistic people have stronger cardiovascular health.

  2. It’s good for your immunity

    Adopting positive thinking can help to strengthen your immune system over time.

  3. It lowers your blood pressure

    Positive emotions can help to lower blood pressure levels and keep them in check.

  4. It helps you learn

    Positive thinking makes you more receptive to new information, thus encouraging better learning.

  5. It enhances your skillset

    Positive thinking makes you more productive and allows you to tap into your inner resources to perform your job better.

Why We Love Upsy Daisy Day

  1. It lowers depression

    Adopting a positive attitude and changing the way we react to situations can help to reduce depression. While some cases may require medication and professional help, we can do our part to keep depression at bay and live a fulfilled life.

  2. It helps in stress management

    Our choices determine what our day and life will look like, hence when we adopt a positive approach, we can alleviate our stress. With reduced stress, we can live a more holistic lifestyle and perform at optimum levels.

  3. It promotes a happy lifestyle

    A cheerful mindset can do wonders for how we live our day-to-day life. It can encourage us to truly be happy and promote an overall happy lifestyle. When we live this way, we are more interested in nurturing hobbies and relationships.

Upsy Daisy Day dates

2024June 8Saturday
2025June 8Sunday
2026June 8Monday
2027June 8Tuesday
2028June 8Thursday

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