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SunJun 8

World Brain Tumor Day – June 8, 2025

World Brain Tumor Day is observed on June 8 every year to raise awareness and educate people about brain tumors. In 2000, it was first observed by a Leipzig-based non-profit organization, the German Brain Tumor Association. A brain tumor occurs when the cells inside the brain start growing at an abnormal speed which forms a mass of abnormal cells in the brain. The enclosed space inside the skull is limited, and when these abnormal cells start closing in the space, the symptoms are observed.

History of World Brain Tumor Day

There is no description of a brain tumor in the ancient medical texts, but there is recurring mention of skull trepanation (surgically intervened burr hole into the human skull) to relieve the symptoms of a brain tumor. Thinkers like Socrates, Celsus, Galen, and Hippocrates mention instructions in their treatises regarding trepanation to alleviate intracranial pressure while they do not mention brain tumors in their works. In antiquity, brain tumors resulted in death after a long battle with symptoms such as headaches, seizures, and coma.

After the discovery of X-rays in 1895, many neurosurgeons started to localize and diagnose brain tumors. A German neurosurgeon named Fedor Krause used x-rays to localize brain tumors. Later in 1954, for the first time noninvasive method to localize brain tumors was introduced by using a nuclear scanner. It was a few decades later that Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield created the first C.T. scanner. In 1971, C.T. scanners were installed in London, England, and then in the United States. In 1975, full-body C.T. scanners were introduced.

In 1971, Raymond V, Damadian reported that nuclear magnetic resonance, also called M.R., can distinguish normal from tumoral tissues. In 1973, Paul C. Lauterbur produced the first images of mice using M.R. Imaging, and in a few years, the first human M.R. images were reported. Lauterbur won the Nobel Prize in 2003 for his discovery.

World Brain Tumor Day timeline

X-Rays are Discovered

X-rays are used to localize and diagnose brain tumors by Fedor Krause.

Pneumoencephalography Procedure is Conducted

After neurosurgeon Walter E. Dandy noticed that free intraperitoneal air outlines the abdominal organs, he applied the same principle to the brain, and thus, pneumoencephalography is born, which has an accuracy of 73%.

C.T. Scanners are Installed

Sir Godfrey N. Hounsfield, an engineer, creates the first C.T. scanner, and it is considered the most accurate diagnostic test.

Contrasting Agent with M.R. Imaging is Essential

EJ Russell in his paper “Multiple cerebral metastases: detectability with G.d-D.T.P.A.-enhanced M.R. imaging” shows that contrast agent administration is essential to the depiction of intracerebral metastases.

World Brain Tumor Day FAQs

What is the symbol for a brain tumor?

The gray ribbon is the symbol of a brain tumor.

Can stress cause brain tumors?

There is no concrete proof to detect that being stressed can increase the risk of brain tumors.

Can lack of sleep trigger a brain tumor?

Studies on mice showed that fragmented triggered inflammation which caused brain tumors. In humans, a higher risk was observed in adults who had poor sleep quality.

How to Observe World Brain Tumor Day

  1. Host a community event

    Host community events and start fundraisers for the needy. Gather money by doing various events such as bake sales, music shows, or by conducting game shows.

  2. Spread awareness

    Wear a gray ribbon to raise awareness about brain tumors. Hold an interactive seminar with people in the locality to raise awareness and explain the early signs and symptoms.

  3. Volunteer

    Research about N.G.Os who work for the cause of brain tumors. Spend time, energy, and money as much as possible and work towards a great cause.

5 Facts About Brain Tumors

  1. Symptoms of brain tumor are not obvious

    Usually, headaches and nausea are the symptoms of brain tumors.

  2. 29% cases of brain tumors are malignant

    An estimate of 700,000 Americans live with a primary brain tumor, out of which 71% are benign.

  3. It can occur at any age

    Brain tumors can occur at any age, but it is mostly seen in young children and older adults.

  4. It is the eighth most common cancer

    The brain tumor is the eighth most common cancer among persons over the age of 40+.

  5. Survival rates might vary

    Survival rates depend on a variety of factors, which include age, ethnicity, and even the time taken to diagnose it.

Why World Brain Tumor Day is Important

  1. It raises awareness about brain tumors

    The brain tumor is an increasing health hazard, and people remain unknown about its symptoms and even the treatment. World Brain Tumor Day promulgates information to the masses.

  2. It brings people together

    On World Tumor Day, the community comes together to support people fighting a brain tumor in any way they can. It creates a positive and supportive environment for patients.

  3. It brings financial assistance to patients

    People volunteer and hold various events on World Brain Tumor Day which includes various fundraisers. This becomes the perfect day to help patients in any way possible.

World Brain Tumor Day dates

2025June 8Sunday
2026June 8Monday
2027June 8Tuesday
2028June 8Thursday
2029June 8Friday

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