World Oceans Day – June 8, 2019

Sat Jun 8

Since 2002, The Ocean Project has coordinated World Oceans Day on June 8. With about 2,000 global partners, they celebrate the ocean’s beauty and importance. And boy, is it important. We get a lot of our food and medicines from the deep blue, and it helps to keep the climate in check. Oh, and there’s this thing about all water being the “lungs of the earth”—as it turns out, the majority of oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean. We always felt that the waves breathed some life into us. (Alright, once or twice it was the life guard, but that doesn’t diminish the worth of one our most valuable resources.) However, if we don’t take the steps to conserve it, we’ll lose a lot more than a spot for a weekend getaway. So dive in and do your part to keep big blue going strong.

How to Observe World Oceans Day

  1. Have a look at The Ocean Project's Website

    Not sure what to do for World Oceans Day? The Ocean Project's website will give you a bunch of ideas for celebrations. But if you'd rather someone else take the reigns, it will point you to some festivities in your vicinity. Also, you'll have the chance to pledge to the planet. You won't be talking directly to mother Earth, but an internet poll's not a bad way to go.

  2. Clean up and hit the beach

    One of the best ways to celebrate our beautiful ocean is, of course, to go visit. However, keep sustainability top of mind. Getting your barbecue on? Go to the store to get supplies with a reusable tote bag instead of a plastic one. Throwing a party? Bring your own plates instead of throwing away plastic ones. After putting so much thought into conservation, it'd be shame to throw it all throwing it all away the beach. So clean up after your party and hopefully others will follow your example.

  3. Take the “We are blue, tell two” challenge

    This might come as a shocker, but the color to wear on World Oceans Day is blue. Finding the right attire shouldn't be hard. However, you'll have to learn two facts about the ocean to tell others. It could be something you've learned here, or some knowledge from your fellow “We are blue, tell two” challengers. Probably not the best idea to tell the same facts to the person who taught you, but repetition does drive the point home. Whatever you choose to, have fun and stay blue!

Why World Oceans Day is Important

  1. It changes our perspective of the ocean

    For many people, the beach spells fun in the sun. While taking a dip feels great, we sometimes don't think about what that water really means to us. It's essential to the biosphere and we want to make sure that future generations get to enjoy it. Chances are, the creatures that live there will also appreciate it (there are over 1 million of them!). And when you look out into the distance and see ships going to who knows where, it's a strong reminder that we're all connected.

  2. It motivates us to do our part

    Trash lying on the beach will never look the same to us. So much of our waste isn't biodegradable, and the ocean is left cleaning up our mess. Dumping recyclables into the proper bin is a good first step, but we have to carry that habit back home. Even if you don't live near the coast, let your friends and family know how recycling puts a big smile on the ocean's face.

  3. It gives us a reason to celebrate the ocean's majesty

    We never need an excuse to go to the beach, but we'll gladly take one. At times, we just have to pinch ourselves at how gorgeous the place can be; a sunset reflected on the water is like something out of a painting, and the beach bodies aren't too shabby, either. Most importantly, the ocean gives us the perfect opportunity to empty our heads and relax. Some moments speak for themselves so we don't have to. It's not like the squawking seagulls would let us get a word in, anyway.