March Holidays

It's March, the time where we celebrate the New Year! Well, at least we would if we lived in Ancient Rome—where it was the first month of the year. At National Today, we love celebrating 70 March holidays.

Mar. 1National Peanut Butter Lover's DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 2National Read Across America DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 3World Wildlife DayEnvironmentalWorld
Mar. 4National Grammar DayActivities, EducationU.S.
Mar. 4National Hug a G.I. DayCauseU.S.
Mar. 5National Absinthe DayDrinkingU.K.
Mar. 6National Dentist's DayCareer, HealthU.S.
Mar. 6National Dress DayFashion, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 6National Frozen Food DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 6National Oreo Cookie DayBrand, FoodU.S.
Mar. 7National Be Heard DayCause, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 8International Women's DayCauseWorld
Mar. 8National Day of UnpluggingCauseU.S.
Mar. 8National Proofreading DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 9National Barbie DayBrand, Pop Culture, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 9National Meatball DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 10National Landline Telephone DayPop CultureU.S.
Mar. 10National Pack Your Lunch DayActivities, FoodU.S.
Mar. 11National Promposal DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 12National Girl Scout DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 12National Napping DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 13National K9 Veterans DayCause, PetsU.S.
Mar. 14National Pi DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 14National Potato Chip DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 15Ides of MarchHistoricalWorld
Mar. 16National Artichoke DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 17National Corn Dog DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 17St. Patrick's DayEthnicWorld
Mar. 18Awkward Moments DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 20French Language DayEthnicFrance, Other
Mar. 20International Day of HappinessCauseWorld
Mar. 20National Proposal DayRelationshipsU.S.
Mar. 20Spring EquinoxMeteorologicalWorld
Mar. 21International Day of ForestsEnvironmentalWorld
Mar. 21National Common Courtesy DayCivicU.S.
Mar. 21National Fragrance DayFashionU.S.
Mar. 21National French Bread DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 21National Kick Butts DayHealthU.S.
Mar. 21World Down Syndrome DayHealthWorld
Mar. 21World Poetry DayActivitiesWorld
Mar. 22National Goof Off DayActivitiesU.S.
Mar. 22World Water DayEnvironmentalWorld
Mar. 23National Puppy DayPetsU.S.
Mar. 23World Meteorological DayCareerWorld
Mar. 24National Cheesesteak DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 24Red Nose DayCauseU.K.
Mar. 24World Tuberculosis DayHealthWorld
Mar. 25International Waffle DayFoodWorld
Mar. 26National Spinach DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 27National Spanish Paella DayFoodU.S.
Mar. 28Respect Your Cat DayPetsU.S.
Mar. 29Major League Baseball Opening DaySportsU.S.
Mar. 29National Mom and Pop Business Owners DayCareer, ShoppingU.S.
Mar. 30National Doctors' DayCareer, HealthU.S.
Mar. 31World Backup DayTechnologyWorld
MarchNational Cheerleading Safety MonthSportsU.S.
MarchNational Colorectal Cancer Awareness MonthHealthU.S.
MarchNational Crafting MonthActivities, EducationU.S.
MarchNational Flour MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Frozen Food MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Kidney MonthHealthU.S.
MarchNational Music in Our Schools MonthEducationU.S.
MarchNational Noodle MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Nutrition MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Peanut MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Sauce MonthFoodU.S.
MarchNational Umbrella MonthFashionU.S.
MarchNational Women's History MonthHistoricalU.S.
MarchPoison Prevention Awareness MonthCauseU.S.
MarchNational Credit Education MonthFinancialU.S.

What is the significance of March holidays?

March is named after Mars, the god of war. Naturally, he was a pretty demanding overlord, so many of the ancient holidays in March were festivals and athletic events celebrating him. Even though there might not be any javelin or shot put holidays on the March calendar anymore, there are plenty of other fun national days in March to celebrate!

What are some memorable March holiday moments?

March contains one of our favorite food holidays of all time—National Oreo Day (March 6)! Did you know the Oreo was invented in 1912—and it's been America's best-selling cookie ever since? They're also a great way to drown your sorrows as you watch promposals on National Promposal Day (March 11). The promposal has been around since 2001, though we only started celebrating it in 2016. We've been celebrating engagements for much longer. And good news—if that's more your style, there's National Proposal Day (March 20).

What's your favorite March holiday?

Are we missing your favorite March holiday?

If you don't see a holiday you love to celebrate here, head to our holiday submission page and let us know! Make sure you've compiled a bit of information about your holiday before you submit. Is it celebrated widely? Does it have a track record of media coverage? Let us know about any March holidays we should add!

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