Refired Not Retired Day – March 1, 2022

If you’re newly retired, then Refired Not Retired Day on March 1 is the day for you! This day was created with the sole purpose of turning the narrative of a boring retirement plan around. Phyllis May created this day after an unplanned early retirement at the age of 55, and a divorce around the same time. She packed up her bags, moved to Key West, Florida, and has been living la vida loca ever since. Retirement is an exciting time in life when you can put the stresses of the working world behind you and focus on all the things you’ve never had time to do.

History of Refired Not Retired Day

Retirement is seen as a time in one’s life where you are done with the struggles of earning a living and get to have a quiet reflective life with your family and loved ones. However, Refired Not Retired Day was created to turn that narrative around. Retirement is a time of freedom, a time to explore the things you’ve always wanted to, and to find new passions in life. It’s a time to live life to its fullest, and Phyllis May knew this.

Phyllis spent 34 years as an educator and retired at the age of 55. Prior to that, she had no solid retirement plans, her husband had left her, and her daughter was off to college. Over and above all this upheaval, she also had to have her sick dog put down. She was alone in a community where she had spent 25 years of her life and was at a point where most retirees find themselves, asking, “what now?”

She finally came to the realization that nothing was holding her back anymore. It was on March 1, 1998, that she packed up her bags and moved to Key West Florida, not knowing a soul. She also didn’t know she’d be setting an iconic example that would be marked by that very date.

After her move, Phyllis explored a variety of menial jobs. She worked as a concierge, at a bed and breakfast, and even at a Caribbean gift shop called The Pelican Poop Shop! She eventually found her calling by hosting a T.V. show for a year, and publishing her first book, “Keys to Paradise…a fun guide to Key West.”

For two years after that, she traveled throughout the eastern United States and Puerto Rico doing seminars for a company, as well as her own seminars. Refired Not Retired Day was created in honor of her adventurous post-retirement years, and as an encouragement to other retirees to seize the opportunity to live those years to the fullest.

Refired Not Retired Day timeline

The Era of Retirement is Formed

The practice of leaving one's job after reaching a certain age begins due to an increase in average life expectancy.

Government Regulations Spread

More countries begin to adopt government policies on retirement.

Refired Not Retired is Founded

Phyllis May, the founder of Refired Not Retired Day, packs her bags after retirement and moves to Key West, Florida.

The Date Is Set

Phyllis May creates Refired Not Retired Day.

Refired Not Retired Day FAQs

What is the best age to retire?

The best time to retire is when you are 65 or 66 years old. At this time, you’ll be able to get the maximum benefit from your Social Security retirement benefit.

What are the typical signs that it’s time to retire?

The signals that it’s time to retire include financial preparedness, health insurance, a strong social network, and something to do.

How do retirees spend their time?

Retirees dedicate more time to personal care, household chores, leisure activities, and more.

Refired Not Retired Day Activities

  1. Figure out your passions

    Refired Not Retired Day is all about chasing adventures and your biggest passions after retirement. Use the day to think about your current passions in life or things you’d like to explore after retirement. Make it a fun bucket list that you can start ticking off once you retire.

  2. Read one of Phyllis’s books

    After having her big writer debut, Phyllis has gone on to publish many other books. Want to get inspired by all her fun adventures? Google her publications and pick one to read.

  3. Create a retirement plan

    What worked for Phyllis might not work for everyone. Today will be a perfect day to settle down and finally craft out an actual plan for your post-retirement years. You could also start by finding out more information about your pension.

5 Important Facts About Retirees

  1. Most retirees are financially confident about retirement

    80% of retirees say they are confident that they have enough money to live comfortably throughout their retirement years.

  2. They watch a lot of movies

    According to statistics, people aged 65 and older watch the most T.V. per day of any age group.

  3. They get free tax help

    The I.R.S. has a special program, Tax Counseling for the Elderly, to provide free tax assistance to people aged 60 and older.

  4. Most don’t budget for trips

    According to a study, about two-thirds of retirees ages 50 and older said they hadn’t budgeted for travel in retirement.

  5. Most of them plan to keep working

    According to studies, 54% of baby boomers plan to keep working after they retire, mostly to stay active and age well.

Why We Love Refired Not Retired Day

  1. It changes the narrative

    Refired Not Retired Day changes the narrative about quiet post-retirement years. It encourages retirees to live their best lives and do whatever makes them happy.

  2. It gives a second chance

    Refired Not Retired Day gives retirees a second chance to live life to its fullest. A lot of people spend their lives not doing the things they are most passionate about, but this day gives you the opportunity to still chase those dreams even after retirement.

  3. It gives retirees something to look forward to

    A lot of retirees, and retirees-to-be, don’t have much to look forward to after retirement, or at least they think they don’t. A lot of them are left alone, with nothing to do, but Refired Not Retired Day gives them a variety of options and an exciting post-retirement life to look forward to.

Refired Not Retired Day dates

2022March 1Tuesday
2023March 1Wednesday
2024March 1Friday
2025March 1Saturday
2026March 1Sunday

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