Share a Smile Day – March 1, 2022

Share a Smile Day is observed annually on March 1, and it’s a day that encourages us to be a little bit more joyful. Created in 1997, this day has inspired people to share a smile with everyone they encounter. Smiling doesn’t just only have emotional benefits — it has a lot of health benefits too. It leads you to feel relaxed and happy. This in turn can reduce your blood pressure and stress levels, increase your endurance, and even strengthen your immune system. So if you don’t have a reason to smile, be the reason that someone else smiles and you might be surprised at how quickly you feel like smiling.

History of Share a Smile Day

Share a Smile Day has been observed annually on March 1 since 1997. Its origins are widely unknown, but it is an amazing day with a great cause, and all you need to do to be part of it is smile.

Primatologists have traced the smile back over 30 million years. The action has its roots in monkeys and apes who would use a sort of smile to portray to one another that they were harmless. The gesture was also used to indicate submission in the presence of more dominant group members.

Although we cannot give an exact evolutionary history of the smile in humans, we can give you a long list of all the ways that a smile can be good for you. When we smile, our facial muscles send signals of happiness or joy to our brains. The brain then automatically assumes that we’re happy and releases more of the feel-good chemical called dopamine — and this makes us even happier! Even when you don’t feel so joyful, cracking a smile can help trick your brain into getting with the program.

Smiling is a chain reaction, and will typically cause those we smile at to smile back at us. This is because the initial smiler releases those feel-good chemicals and these are often felt by the person being smiled at. This simple act can provide a bounty of benefits. Reduced blood pressure, heart rate, pain, and stress, coupled with increased endurance, productivity, and creativity are just a few of the benefits. Smiling can also make your immune system stronger.

Share a Smile Day timeline

425 B.C
The Beginning of Comedy

Aristophanes, a well-known Ancient Greek comedian and playwright, sets the foundations for the future by writing 40 comedies.

Slapstick Comedy Emerges

Fred Karno develops a form of sketch comedy without dialogue and starts a trend of slapstick comedy.

Avante-Garde Comedy Becomes Popular

Abstract art to depict comedy is introduced and becomes popular.

Bozo the Clown Gains the Spotlight

Bozo the clown and other similar characters gain the spotlight thanks to cinema and radio stations.

Share a Smile Day FAQs

Is today World Smile Day?

World Smile Day is a separate occasion to Share a Smile Day, and it is celebrated on October 7.

What difference does a smile make?

Smiling is a natural drug that can make you feel good, both physically and emotionally.

Why do we celebrate this day?

We celebrate because a smile makes a person’s face more beautiful and charming, and because smiling has great health benefits.

Share a Smile Day Activities

  1. Share a smile

    Of course, the best way to celebrate this day is by doing exactly what the day encourages — sharing a smile. Choose to smile all through today at whoever you come across. You can greatly boost the other person’s mood — and your own.

  2. Watch a comedy

    The easiest way to smile is by watching something that makes you smile. Pick a comedy movie or sitcom to watch and get laughing. With a vast array of options to choose from, there’s no reason to not smile today.

  3. Share a smiling photo

    Today is all about the smiles, so there’s no need to strike a serious pose. Take a picture of you smiling or laughing hard and share it across your social media. This will trigger anyone who sees it to smile right back.

5 Important Facts About Smiling

  1. You’re born with it

    Babies can smile while still in the womb and soon after they are born.

  2. There are different types

    Scientists have discovered that there are 19 different types of smiles, and only six of them show true happiness.

  3. It’s a great type of intercultural communication

    Even if you don’t speak the same language as somebody else, everyone understands a smile.

  4. It helps you live longer

    Smiling boosts your immune system, and reduces the likelihood of stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety, which ultimately improves overall health.

  5. It can give you a promotion

    People who smile at work are more likely to be promoted than those who do not because it conveys a message of happiness, approachability, and confidence,

Why We Love Share a Smile Day

  1. It’s good for the soul

    Ever heard the saying, “laughter is good for the soul?” Well, as abstract as it may sound, that saying is completely true. Laughter is a great way to boost your overall emotional health. It is a fact that is scientifically proven and clear as day to see. When you smile, it brightens your mood and makes you happier.

  2. It sends a positive message

    Smiling doesn’t just boost your mood, it creates a positive first impression for people meeting you. This can make a huge difference in social settings and also help you get ahead at school or in your career.

  3. It’s all about spreading joy

    The most amazing thing about Share a Smile Day is that smiling doesn’t benefit only the smiler. The person with whom a smile is shared can also enjoy all the benefits of your smile. With all the circumstances troubling us, it’s amazing to just forget it all for a short while simply because someone smiled at us.

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