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Read an eBook Week – March 2-8, 2025

Read an eBook Week comes up annually in the first full week of March. It is a holiday that encourages the use of ebook platforms as a primary publishing route. During Read an eBook Week, authors and book retailers have the chance to publicize their books, attracting thousands of readers by offering considerable discounts, while some even offer their books up for free. Readers can then easily access and enjoy these books from the comfort of their portable devices.

History of Read an eBook Week

In 2004, Rita Toews introduced Read an eBook Week after being frustrated by the traditional mode of publishing and distribution. Many great books were being released by new authors, but their works were not recognized by regular publishers and distributors. According to Toews, it was almost impossible for new authors to be promoted, so there had to be another means of getting their voices heard. At the time, ebooks were relatively new and not well accepted. The best way to do that was to start Read an eBook Week. Immediately, she registered the event to make it legitimate and informed libraries, T.V. and radio stations, as well as other authors, retailers, and publishers about the initiative.

The holiday was created to allow new and upcoming writers to advertise their books to a much larger audience. In the same manner, retailers can also announce discounts on ebooks, while some go as far as offering their books for free. This gesture attracts thousands of readers. Read an eBook Week was also born out of the idea that ebooks are an efficient, if not a more effective way, of directing books from authors to readers.

A centralized website was also established along with the holiday, where retailers and authors can put up the promo for their books. It is from this general website that readers and book lovers are then directed to the respective websites of retailers. As a result, people soon responded, and readers were attracted in their thousands to the websites of the retailers who bought into the initiative.

Read an eBook Week timeline

The Idea for eReader is Conceived

Writer Bob Brown discloses an idea of an eReader called ‘Readies.’

The First Known Automated Reading Device

Angela Ruiz Robles invents the device called ‘Enciclopedia Mecánica’ to reduce the burden of school children having to bring numerous books to school.

The First Modern eBook

Michael S. Hart invents the device to pioneer what we know today as the ebook.

First Read an eBook Week

Rita Toews introduces Read an eBook Week.

Read an eBook Week FAQs

What was in the first ebook?

Michael S. Hart developed the first-ever ebook, publishing the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

Are ebooks better than printed books?

Ebooks don’t require paper, they’re inexpensive, portable, and easy to access.

Where can I find free ebooks?

There are several free ebooks on the internet.

Read an eBook Week Activities

  1. Purchase and read an ebook

    There are a plethora of ebooks available on the internet. Take advantage of the discounted prices and try to finish reading a book.

  2. Submit your book for electronic publishing

    One of the easiest formats to publish in is the ebook format. One of the best times to do so is during Read an eBook Week.

  3. Spread the word

    Use your social media accounts to spread the word about the holiday. Also, invite your friends to take up your reading list and engage in discussions over it.

5 Key Facts About Ebooks

  1. First I.S.B.N. for an ebook

    The first I.S.B.N. for an ebook was obtained by author Kim D. Blagg.

  2. First commercially available ebook reader

    The Sony Data Discman was one of the first ebook readers and was launched to the public in Japan.

  3. The smallest eBook reader

    The smallest ebook reader is a 2.9-inch E-Ink display, designed just for reading haiku.

  4. One million ebooks

    James Patterson is the first author to sell one million ebooks.

  5. Libraries offer ebooks

    More than 70% of libraries in the U.S. offer ebook services.

Why We Love Read an eBook Week

  1. It encourages more reading

    This holiday is a perfect time to enjoy that book that you've put off for a long time. You can engage with your friends or go at it alone.

  2. Discounts and free books

    Book lovers can take advantage of the discount offer and free sales to stock their digital library. It’s a good time for aspiring writers to promote their books.

  3. Ebooks do not require paper

    Ebooks are completely digital and therefore do not require the usage of paper and other materials. This helps the environment and we love it.

Read an eBook Week dates

2022March 6Sunday
2023March 5Sunday
2024March 3Sunday
2025March 2Sunday
2026March 1Sunday

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