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Books For Treats Day
ThuOct 31

Books For Treats Day – October 31, 2024

Books For Treats Day comes up on October 31 every year and encourages the giving of books to children. On a day when we give candies as treats, Books For Treats Day favors giving books. The holiday is supported mostly by the non-profit organization Books for Treats. The organization encourages adults to give books to children who go trick-or-treating on Halloween day. When you give books to children on Halloween, you inspire them to read more while also helping them to reduce the intake of candies. By doing so, you’re helping to feed their minds.

History of Books For Treats Day

Books For Treats Day was born from the belief that books are a more valuable treat than candy on Halloween. Books are more beneficial to children than candies because they nourish the mind and equip the child to understand life better.

The holiday was inspired by Rebecca Morgan, the founder of Books for Treats, a non-profit movement. The idea was to step outside the tradition of giving candies on Halloween, so Rebecca Morgan began giving books as treats in 1995 from her home in Willow Glen. She liked the idea of books because it was a treat that lasted longer than candies or toys. Being a best-selling author herself, she knew the value of books, especially in a child’s life. So, when she saw a box of gently read books at a local library, she didn’t hesitate to purchase them. She sorted the books according to grades to make them age-appropriate for children who came trick-or-treating.

Many people welcomed her idea, which prompted her to launch Books For Treats in 2001. According to her, it was important to “feed kids’ minds, not their cavities.”

The movement continued to grow across the U.S. while also gaining some popularity in Canada. In 2009, the movement gained huge momentum when she convinced Greg Evans, the “Luann” comic creator, to promote Books For Treats and encourage more people to give books to little children.

Most of the books given are gently read, and many are cheap to get, especially from thrift shops. Morgan also noticed how excited kids were about books and how they’d even offer to swap books after reading them. It inspired her to push the movement even further.

Books For Treats Day timeline

Give Books Instead of Candies

Morgan decides that books are a better treat than candies on Halloween.

Books For Treats is Founded

Books For Treats hands out 10,000 books every year.

Book For Treats Goes to Canada

Canadian company Big Earth Media brings Books For Treats to Canada.

That’s a lot of candy

$9.1 billion of candy is sold during the 2017 Halloween season, according to the National Confectioners Association (NCA).

Books For Treats Day FAQs

How can you get enough books?

It is advisable to gather the books throughout the year so you have enough when the kids come knocking. 

How can you support Books For Treats?

You can visit their website and make donations or give them books if you have lots of them. 

Do books totally replace candies?

While books are a better treat, candies and other goodies can still be given alongside the books. 

How To Observe Book For Treats Day

  1. Give books instead of candies

    On Halloween, when kids come trick-or-treating, offer them age-appropriate books. This will last longer, and they’ll appreciate it more.

  2. Create awareness about Books For Treats

    Many people do not realize that there are alternatives to candies on Halloween. Help spread the word about books!

  3. Make a donation

    You can help organizations like Books For Treats to give more books on Halloween. You can make donations of gently read books or money.

5 Interesting Facts About Children’s Books

  1. More than fairy-tales

    Many children’s books teach lessons in science and other subjects.

  2. Easy to understand

    Children’s books are made specifically for children, which makes them easy to understand.

  3. Helps children in school

    Children who are introduced early to children’s books do better at school.

  4. They teach life lessons

    Children’s books help children make better decisions in life.

  5. Not all children books have illustrations

    Illustrations can help readability, but there are several children’s books that have no illustrations.

Why We Love Books For Treats Day

  1. Helps to reduce candy intake

    Giving books instead of candy will help to reduce the number of sweets that children eat. This will keep them healthier, and make them more intelligent.

  2. Books are not too expensive

    You can get cheap children’s books that have been gently used before in thrift shops and local libraries.

  3. Books create lasting memories

    Books last longer with children, and the lessons stay with them forever.

Books For Treats Day dates

2024October 31Thursday
2025October 31Friday
2026October 31Saturday
2027October 31Sunday
2028October 31Tuesday

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