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National Doorbell Day
ThuOct 31

National Doorbell Day – October 31, 2024

National Doorbell Day is celebrated on October 31 annually, to recognize the buzzer bell, chimer, melody tunes, and so on, beckoning us whenever there is a guest at the door. When kids come to trick-or-treat us on Halloween, it’s the humble doorbell that announces their arrival. Get ready to welcome Halloween with the doorbells.

History of National Doorbell Day

Arriving at someone’s house, the first thing we do is search for the doorbell to let the residents know we’ve come calling. These days, doorbells come with a variety of sounds. The simple chiming device has even evolved to include an interface to see and talk to the visitor who’s rung the bell. Whatever the form, the doorbell is present in everyone’s home. Why not dedicate a day to honor it? More than 41 million American children ring the doorbell on Halloween to trick-or-treat people. This means the doorbell rings more times than ever on October 31. It is a good day to honor this little fixture that announces the arrival of a loved one to our doorsteps.

J. Ralph Corbett invented doorbells with melodious chimes during the Great Depression. His invention replaced the bells and knockers. In 2015, a reputed American company that markets doorbells decided to dedicate a day to the amazing invention. It chose October 31 to coincide with Halloween when the doorbell chimes the most during the year in American homes. The day recognizes the different types of alerts in the form of rings, buzzes, ding-dongs, and melodious tunes.

On October 31, when our spooky friends call on us to trick-or-treat, let us spare a thought for the humble doorbell that announces their arrival.

National Doorbell Day timeline

The First Doorbell

William Murdoch, a Scottish inventor, designs a doorbell by passing compressed air through a pipe.

The Electric Doorbell

Joseph Henry, an American scientist, creates a doorbell that works on electricity.

The 1930s
The Modern-Day Doorbell

J Ralph Corbett hard-wires an outdoor button to a transformer connected to a chime or bell within the house, creating the doorbell we know today.

The First National Doorbell Day

The first National Doorbell Day is celebrated to commemorate J. Ralph Corbett's invention.

National Doorbell Day FAQs

Was J. Ralph Corbett a scientist and inventor?

J. Ralph Corbett was an entrepreneur and philanthropist who brought the invention of the doorbell to the masses through his commercial enterprise NuTone Chimes Inc. He used the radio to motivate the average American to explore business ideas.

Were doorbells always electric-powered?

The first doorbells invented were mechanical devices. The contraption typically comprised a cord or handle located outside the house that had to be pulled or turned, respectively, to cause a hammer to strike a bell inside the house and alert residents. William Murdoch’s doorbell design used compressed air passing through a pipe to create a sound.

What are the three types of doorbells?

The wired, wireless, and smart doorbells, most of which come in kits that include all the components that can be put together quickly and installed by nonprofessionals.

What can a deaf person use instead of a doorbell?

People who are partially deaf, who can’t hear regular doorbells, can use radio doorbells instead. Radio doorbells release signals that trigger speakers throughout the house, making a loud noise to alert the person.

How to Celebrate National Doorbell Day

  1. Make the kids answer to enter

    Allow the little trick-or-treaters access into the house after they answer a trivia question on doorbells. It'll be fun to see the kids come up with answers to get their treats.

  2. Spread the love on social media

    Post a couplet on, or a picture of, a doorbell with a funny caption. Use #NationalDoorbellDay to spread cheer on social media.

  3. Change the doorbell of your house

    If your home has had the same doorbell for many years, perhaps today is the day to change it. Buy a new one with a different sound to reacquaint yourself with the doorbell's presence.

5 Alternatives Before Doorbells Were Invented

  1. Gong

    Visitors would strike a gong with a hammer both of which the residents kept at the entrance specifically for this purpose.

  2. Bell

    A bell was hung outside doors for visitors to ring to inform the residents of their arrival.

  3. Knocker

    A metal or wooden object, attached to the door with screws and hinges, had a loose end held up and rapped by visitors to signal their presence.

  4. Handclap

    In some parts of the world, visitors would clap their hands while standing outside the doors.

  5. Raise a shout

    Visitors would shout, "Is anybody in?" to let members of the house know someone has come calling.

Why We Love National Doorbell Day

  1. It signals Halloween

    The doorbell signals the arrival of trick-or-treaters who bring happiness to our homes. It also triggers excitement in the hearts and minds of the children about to receive a treat or be spooked by a trick.

  2. It helps us connect with families living down the street

    The simple act of ringing a doorbell allows neighbors to mingle as the doors open for children. The trick-or-treat festivities in the neighborhood connect families who live along a street. It all starts when the doorbell chimes!

  3. It reminds us to pay tribute to J. Ralph Corbett

    J Ralph Corbett was an entrepreneur and philanthropist whose most significant contribution came during the Great Depression of the 1930s when he came across the invention of the door chime. National Doorbell Day allows us to pay tribute to his outstanding contribution in helping the average American overcome the period of economic depression.

National Doorbell Day dates

2024October 31Thursday
2025October 31Friday
2026October 31Saturday
2027October 31Sunday
2028October 31Tuesday

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