Children Holidays

There are over 60 holidays on the calendar dedicated to children or the things they love. Were you aware there was a National Donald Duck Day on June 9 or even a National Cotton Candy Day on December 7? Of course you don’t need to be a child to appreciate or celebrate these (although sharing the joy with one makes it much better), so don’t let being an adult stop you from enjoying National Kazoo Day on January 28 or even Dr. Seuss’s Birthday on March 2.

National Youth Day,
National Winnie the Pooh Day, ,
National Kazoo Day,
National Lego Day, ,
Give Kids A Smile, ,
National Bubble Gum Day, ,
National Kite-Flying Day, ,
Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, ,
National Read Across America Day, , ,
Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®,
National Student-Athlete Day, , ,
National Kindergarten Day,
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, ,
World Malaria Day, ,
Free Comic Book Day, ,
National Brothers and Sisters Day,
National Donald Duck Day,
International Day of the African Child, , ,
National Garfield the Cat Day, ,
Father's Day, , , ,
Harry Potter's Birthday, ,
National Book Lovers Day, ,
National Son and Daughter Day,
International Youth Day, ,
National Middle Child Day,
National Roller Coaster Day,
National School Backpack Awareness Day, ,
German World Children's Day, , ,
National Daughters Day, ,
National Sons Day, ,
National Walk and Bike to School Day,
National Child Health Day, ,
National Coaches Day, , ,
​National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day, , , ,
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, , ,
National Croc Day, , ,
​National Mentoring Day, , ,
Halloween, , , , ,
National Brush Day,
Mickey Mouse’s Birthday, , , ,
Minnie Mouse's Birthday,
National Princess Day,
National Camp Day, , ,
National Pay Back Your Parents Day,
Universal Children’s Day, ,
National Adoption Day, ,
National Family Health History Day, ,
National Cotton Candy Day,
National Candy Cane Day,
National Children’s Dental Health Month, ,
National Music in Our Schools Month, ,
​National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, ,
Back to School Month ,
National Breastfeeding Month, ,
Baby Safety Month, , , ,
​Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week, , ,
​Global Diversity Awareness Month, , ,
​National Bullying Prevention Month, ,
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, ,
National Scholarship Month, ,
PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month,
Safe Toys and Gifts Month,