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Texas Loves the Children Day – March 29, 2025

Texas Loves the Children Day is observed on March 29 in the state of Texas to support victims of child abuse, acknowledge their trauma, and work towards ending child abuse in the state.
Child abuse refers to physical, sexual, or mental mistreatment of children which can range from neglect to assault. The state of Texas sets a day aside to address these issues to help children suffering from abuse as well as help adults who have been affected by the abuse in their lives.

History of Texas Loves the Children Day

Texas Loves the Children Day is a day observed in Texas, the U.S., to commemorate victims of child abuse, raise awareness about the issue, and spread information about how to help children who are suffering. This day is also an opportunity for professionals working to rescue and rehabilitate children to share their knowledge on how to recognize victims and their methods for helping them.

Child abuse, sometimes called child maltreatment refers to the physical, sexual, and psychological abuse of children which can be manifested in terms of assault and neglect. It may also refer to instances when parents are unavailable, refuse to, or fail to act to help children when they are suffering in some way.

Cruelty to children has been a common, customary activity across the world. Over time people developed more awareness as they studied the defencelessness of children, how they were affected by abuse, and how they transformed when placed in spaces of safety.

Soon the study of child abuse emerged as a discipline, and children’s rights began to be understood as an important aspect that needed attention and study. The greater investigation is taking place today about how children are seen in society, and how their powerlessness is exploited by society for its gains.

More and more, corporal punishment is seen as abuse even if it is intended as a method of teaching children, and the injury and harm caused don’t teach children anything except fear.
Child abuse can cause physical and psychological developmental issues that develop into chronic conditions that affect adults long after they have been removed from abusive spaces.

Texas Loves the Children Day timeline

Adverse Effects of Child Abuse Noted

Forensic medical expert Auguste Ambroise Tardieu notes and observes the adverse effects of child abuse in multiple cases.

Evidence Begins to Accumulate

The presence of child abuse as a worldwide problem is established as evidence of abuse and its effects emerge.

Awareness of Child Abuse Becomes Mainstream

A greater number of people become aware of the maltreatment of children across the country.

Child Abuse Becomes a Subject of Study

The study of child abuse becomes a formal academic field of study in America.

Texas Loves the Children Day FAQs

What is the most common form of abuse in the United States?

Neglect is the most common form of child abuse.

How many cases of abuse are there in the U.S.?

There are over 600,000 cases of child abuse in the U.S.

Can you accidentally abuse someone?

Accidental abuse is usually enacted from a place of ignorance and is very subtle.

How to Observe Texas Loves the Children Day

  1. Share information about child abuse

    An important aspect of Texas Loves the Children's Day is making people aware of the problem. More people who know about the issue will be able to watch out for the signs of abuse.

  2. Make lists of the signs

    There are numerous signs of abuse that doctors and caregivers can look out for. Make a list of these and share them with adults who interact with children regularly.

  3. Organize a talk

    Invite people who have suffered from child abuse to share their experiences in a talk. Start a discussion about the adverse effects of child abuse in the country.

5 Facts About Child Abuse That Will Surprise You

  1. Most victims are very young

    The majority of reported cases have victims between five and 11 years old.

  2. A lot of children are abused

    It is estimated that one in seven children have been abused across the country.

  3. The youngest children are most vulnerable

    Children below one year of age are the most vulnerable to abuse, with the most reported fatalities.

  4. Most abusers are the parents

    In over 70% of cases of child abuse, the abusers are the parents of the children.

  5. Number of deaths

    Five children die per day as a result of child abuse.

Why Texas Loves the Children Day is Important

  1. We want people to be informed

    We think that people don’t understand how common child abuse is. We want to help sensitize people to the prevalence of the issue.

  2. We support the survivors

    We think that child abuse affects lives forever. We want to support the survivors of child abuse in any way that we can.

  3. We want to stop the problem

    We want more people to call out abuse and stand up for children. We know that children can’t advocate for themselves, so we want to help them do it.

Texas Loves the Children Day dates

2025March 29Saturday
2026March 29Sunday
2027March 29Monday
2028March 29Wednesday
2029March 29Thursday

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