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SatMar 29

Payday It Forward – March 29, 2025

Payday it Forward is observed every year on March 29. This day is observed across the world as an opportunity to be kind to young black men, support them and treat them like human beings. Payday it Forward is a day that came about as a result of the growing concern among communities over how young black boys and men were being unfairly targeted. The day aims to address racism and offset the demeaning effects of being treated criminally by asking people to go out of their way to be kind to young black boys and men and treat them with dignity and respect.

History of Payday It Forward

Payday It Forward is observed across the world, but particularly in the U.S., where the racism towards young black boys and black men has left them feeling demoralized and dispirited. PayDay it Forward is named after a young black boy, who was killed by the police in an act of police aggression that is yet to be justified. Paylor James Daniels, nicknamed ‘PayDay’ by his friends, had just turned 18 when he was murdered. And his mother Paula Long dedicated this day to all young black boys and teenagers in his memory.

Three men were charged with first-degree manslaughter for PayDay’s murder, but while justice has been served, there are hundreds of young black boys, teenagers, and men who are being targeted for racial violence. Paula Long formed the PayDay Foundation and instituted the PayDay It Forward day to encourage people to get to know the young black boys and men in their neighborhood and offer them support. Long asks people to stop overlooking teenage black boys, and look past their hoodies.

She asks adults to try and understand that like other people, black teenagers have preferences in clothing, and walk in a certain way based on what they think is cool, and not because they’re trying to be aggressive. This day is also an opportunity for people to check in on their neighborhood kids and support them through any difficulties they might be having. Long encourages people to break through their stereotypes so they can see young black boys for who they are.

Payday It Forward timeline

Black Children Used as Bait

Racism against young black children is strong, and they are shown as bait for alligators.

Criminal Stereotyping and Aggression Become Visible

More and more videos appear where black people and men, in particular, are unfairly targeted for what is presented as aggressive behavior.

Paylor James Daniels is Murdered

P.J Daniels, known as PayDay to his friends, is killed when he is pushed out of a moving vehicle.

The PayDay Foundation is Established

Paula Long, P.J Daniels' mother institutes a foundation in her son's honor to support and encourage young black boys and men.

Payday It Forward FAQs

Does challenging stereotypes help?

Challenging stereotypes can help save black lives.

Why do people stereotype black men?

People create stereotypes to make life easier, and racism has resulted in black men being stereotyped as a threat.

Are children of color stereotyped?

There is substantial evidence of how children of color are stereotyped by adults.

How to Observe Payday It Forward

  1. Use the hashtag

    #Remember2PayDay is used on social media to show how people are expressing their support. Show your support for young black boys through this hashtag.

  2. Reach out to your black neighbors

    Reach out to the black boys in your neighborhood, just to check in on them. Support them and express your willingness to help if they ever need anything.

  3. Host a sensitization seminar

    Work with your community leaders to organize a seminar around the mistreatment of black teenagers. Make sure you get the teenagers in your community to speak.

5 Facts About Stereotyping Of Black Boys

  1. They are seen as threats

    Black boys are often seen as threats to public safety for no reason, especially if they happen to be tall.

  2. They are believed to be emotionless

    A lot of people like to believe that young black boys have no emotions and that they never smile or feel anything.

  3. They’re perceived as adults

    Black boys are treated like adults when they make a mistake, with adult consequences instead of regular ones.

  4. Black boys are seen as uncultured

    Black boys and teenagers are judged on what they wear, and often dismissed as being uncouth or crude.

  5. They’re considered to be disrespectful

    In schools, black boys and teenagers are most likely to be reprimanded for disrespect when teachers misinterpret their silence or expressions.

Why Payday It Forward is Important

  1. We think racism is bad

    We hate that young children are suffering because of racist stereotyping. We want to do everything we can to help and show our support.

  2. We want to break the stereotype

    We don't understand where stereotypes even come from. We want to help people break the barrier of the stereotype and see young black boys for who they are.

  3. We want to support black boys

    We want to help young black boys feel seen and heard. We want to create a safe space where they can be themselves.

Payday It Forward dates

2025March 29Saturday
2026March 29Sunday
2027March 29Monday
2028March 29Wednesday
2029March 29Thursday

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