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SatMar 29

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day – March 29, 2025

Our economy couldn’t run without small mom and pop businesses. They create economic growth and provide almost 70% of all new jobs in the country.That’s why every year on March 29 we acknowledge the more than 27 million small businesses in this country by celebrating National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day! The holiday was established by Rick and Margie Segel in honor of their parents and the successful hat shop they opened in 1939 and grew into a 10,000 square foot, $2 million dollar clothing shop. It is a special day to appreciate the long hours, hard work and dedication it takes to run a small business. So on March 29, head to your favorite small business to say thank you!

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day timeline

18th century
Indie Businesses

The phrase ‘mom-and-pop’ store is used for small businesses run by families.

Rise of the Mom-and-Pop Stores

Mom-and-pop stores become common throughout America.

Mom and Pop, Literally

National Mom-and-Pop Business Owners Day is created by Rick and Margie Segel, whose own parents ran a successful hat shop.

November 17, 1994
Kramer Gets Duped

In an episode of “Seinfeld” titled ‘The Mom and Pop Store,’ Kramer gets duped.

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day Activities

  1. Shop local

    Support the small business in your community by searching them out and frequenting them often. Hear about an interesting local spot? Go on an adventure to check it out, then tell all your friends!

  2. Use social media

    Most small businesses are happy to get a little extra attention. Make sure to follow your favorites on all their social media platforms and promote them whenever possible.

  3. Write a “thank you” note

    Running a small business is really hard work. If there’s a special Mom and Pop shop you care about, take a moment to write a note to let the owners and employees know how much you appreciate all the effort and care they put into making your experience wonderful.

Why We Love National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

  1. They make shopping personal

    Finding that particular shop where they know you and understand what you need can make any day just a little brighter. Mom and pop businesses take a special interest in making sure their customers have a unique and enjoyable experience. They care about their customers in a way few large retail chains can by providing superior and personal customer service.

  2. They support the community

    Small businesses have a real impact on their community by providing neighborhood jobs and recycling the money they earn back into the local economy. So, by spending your dollars at a mom and pop establishment, you can make a real difference.

  3. They provide a unique experience

    Mom and Pop shops bring fresh ideas to the marketplace. In today’s economy, when you can find the same products in every Big Box in every city, it’s refreshing to find something new which everyone else hasn’t discovered yet.

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day dates

2025March 29Saturday
2026March 29Sunday
2027March 29Monday
2028March 29Wednesday
2029March 29Thursday

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