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SatMar 29

Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day – March 29, 2025

Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day is on March 29 every year. The holiday commemorates the time Niagara falls ran dry due to ice blockages in 1848. The waterfall continued to stay blocked for two days. The day aims to celebrate the extraordinary event that took place, spanning from Ontario, Canada to New York, United States. Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day festivities usually involve offers from establishments near the falls and celebration parties. Niagara Falls has never naturally dried up since.

History of Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day

Niagara Falls formed over 12,000 years ago at the end of the Ice Age when the downpour of water from melting ice wore away rick layers to form the structure that exists today. The first people to witness the falls were most likely the Native Americans living in the regions surrounding the horseshoe falls. The area was later annexed by the French when Father Louis Hennepin reached the Niagara River in December 1678.

Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day celebrates March 29, 1848, the day when a bitterly harsh winter gave way to ice on Lake Erie, which gradually broke away. Strong winds drove the ice to the mouth of the falls, thus suspending the flow of water for over 30 hours. Some of the first to notice the unusual event were nearby mill owners who realized that their water wheels had stopped rotating. Soon, hoards of people inched their way to the falls to witness the odd event. They were able to witness, for the first time since the forming of the Niagara Falls, absolute silence in place of a roaring waterfall. Several people ventured across the riverbed, finding old ammunition used in the Battle of Chippawa in 1814. At night, hundreds of people reportedly made the trek across the riverbed with lit torches in their hands.

Niagara Falls remained dry until the afternoon of March 30, when the winds reversed their direction and everything returned to the way it was.

Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day timeline

12,000 Years Ago
Niagara Falls Forms

Niagara Falls forms after the Ice Age due to melting ice.

The French Arrive

Father Louis Hennepin reaches the Niagara River in December.

The Battle of Chippawa

The Battle of Chippawa takes place on the banks of the Niagara River.

Niagara Falls Runs Dry

Niagara Falls runs dry after ice blocks the water flow on March 29.

Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day FAQs

Did Niagara Falls dry up in 2021?

It did not.

Why did Niagara Falls run dry in 1969?

The drying up of the waterfall was done artificially to allow geological work.

Is Niagara Falls man-made or natural

Niagara Falls is entirely natural.

Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day Activities

  1. Read about Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls has a rich history. Use the day as an excuse to read about it.

  2. Visit the falls

    If you’re willing and able, travel to Niagara Falls. You’ll be able to witness its grandeur.

  3. Read accounts of the day Niagara Falls ran dry

    Everyone experienced the event differently. Try finding different accounts of the day.

5 Facts About Waterfalls That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Underwater waterfalls

    Waterfalls can exist underwater.

  2. The tallest waterfall

    The tallest waterfall is Angel Falls in Venezuela.

  3. The biggest flow rate

    The waterfall with the biggest flow rate is Inga Falls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  4. Erosion

    Waterfalls are formed through the process of erosion.

  5. Higher in the stream

    Waterfalls are typically higher in a stream.

Why We Love Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day

  1. It marks a unique day

    The temporary drying up of Niagara Falls was a surreal event. The holiday serves as an important reminder of the day.

  2. It’s an opportunity to learn about waterfalls

    Waterfalls are fascinating. Use the day as an opportunity to learn about them.

  3. It expands the reader’s realm of possibilities

    Few individuals are aware of the occurrence, much less than it was even possible. The day broadens one’s knowledge.

Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day dates

2025March 29Saturday
2026March 29Sunday
2027March 29Monday
2028March 29Wednesday
2029March 29Thursday

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