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Commemoration Of Boganda – March 29, 2025

The Commemoration of Boganda is observed every March 29 in the Central African Republic. It is a national holiday there and aims at honoring Barthélemy Boganda, the nation’s first prime minister, on the anniversary of his death. Barthélemy Boganda, a Central African politician and independence activist, was born in 1910. He served as the first Premier of the Central African Republic as an autonomous territory.

History of Commemoration Of Boganda

Although Boganda was born into a family of farmers, after the deaths of his parents, he was adopted and educated by Roman Catholic missionaries. He was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 1938. Boganda served in several missions during World War II, and afterward, he was persuaded by the Bishop of Bangui to enter politics. He became the first Oubanguian elected to the National Assembly of France in 1946, where he spoke out against racism and the abuses of the colonial regime.

In 1949, he founded the Movement for the Social Evolution of Black Africa (MESAN), which became popular among villagers and the peasantry. After developing a relationship with and eventually marrying Michelle Jourdain, a parliamentary secretary, Boganda was laicized from the priesthood. However, he continued to advocate for equal treatment and fundamental rights for blacks in the territory. MESAN won local elections as France conceded measures of representation to its colonies, and he gained influence in Oubangui-Chari’s government, though his reputation suffered when he backed an unsuccessful economic scheme.

On December 1, Boganda declared the establishment of the Central African Republic for Oubangui-Chari. He was the autonomous territory’s first premier as the President of the Council of Government, drew up administrative reforms, and prepared for the next election. On March 29, 1959, he was killed in a plane crash while en route to Bangui. A trace of explosives in the plane’s wreckage was found by experts, but a full report on the incident was never published. Therefore, the possibility of assassination remains unresolved. In 1960, the Central African Republic attained formal independence from France. His death is commemorated annually in the country, and his presence in the national collective memory remains.

Commemoration Of Boganda timeline

Barthélemy Boganda is Born

Boganda is born into a family of farmers.

Boganda Becomes a Roman Catholic Priest

He is adopted and educated by Roman Catholic missionaries.

Boganda establishes MESAN

He returns to Obangui-Chari to create the Movement for the Social Evolution of Black Africa (MESAN), which is well-known among villagers and the peasantry.

The Prime Minister of Boganda

Boganda becomes the first prime minister of the Central African Republic.

Commemoration Of Boganda FAQs

What is the Central African Republic known for?

With over 60% of its population living in poverty, the Central African Republic is one of the world’s least-developed countries.

How old is the Central African Republic?

The Central African Republic is a landlocked country located in central Africa. The area that is now the Central African Republic has been settled for at least 8,000 years.

What kinds of food are eaten in Central Africa?

Many dishes contain gombo (okra), tomato, and onion, although other popular ingredients include rice, bananas, and cassava.

How to Observe Commemoration Of Boganda

  1. Take your day off

    The Commemoration of Boganda is a public holiday in Central Africa. It is a day off for the general population. Therefore, schools and most businesses are closed. You can also take your day off.

  2. Read about Boganda´s life

    You can search for more information about Boganda´s life to get to know him better. There is a lot of information about him on the internet.

  3. Share a post on social media

    Share information about Boganda´s life on social media. You can use the hashtag #CommemorationOfBoganda

5 Important Facts About Central Africa

  1. It’s one of the poorest countries

    Although the Central African Republic is rich in natural resources, including diamonds, gold, oil, arable land, and timber, it’s the world’s second-poorest country when measured by G.D.P. per capita.

  2. The second-largest rainforest exists there

    The world’s second-largest rainforest is the Congolese Rainforest, which stretches across six countries including Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and the Central African Republic.

  3. A perfect place for stargazing

    The world’s darkest nights take place in Chad, the Central African Republic, and Madagascar, which means they’re least affected by light pollution.

  4. It’s a multicultural country

    There are more than 80 different ethnic groups living in the Central African Republic, each with its own language.

  5. It’s rich in biodiversity

    The country is home to rare and endemic species, such as gorillas, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, lions, and rhinos, and there are 600 identified species of butterflies.

Why Commemoration Of Boganda is Important

  1. Boganda is important to the people of Central Africa

    He was an essential figure in the independence of Central Africa. Boganda was active before Central Africa's independence, during the period when the area, part of French Equatorial Africa, was administered by France under the name of Oubangui-Chari.

  2. Boganda was respected by the church

    When he entered politics, Boganda was not particularly concerned with religious missions. However, he used the enormous popular respect for the Catholic Church to his benefit.

  3. Boganda was an activist

    He made important things for immigrants and religious people. He was loved by everyone.

Commemoration Of Boganda dates

2025March 29Saturday
2026March 29Sunday
2027March 29Monday
2028March 29Wednesday
2029March 29Thursday

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