Have you ever thought to stop and celebrate the doctors that work tirelessly to keep us healthy? What about the weather people who inform you of the daily forecast so you don’t walk out the door without a jacket when it’s freezing? In addition to all of the other holidays we celebrate at National Today, we find it’s important to celebrate those who provide us services, essential or not, every single day. There are over 30 career holidays, so nearly every month allows us a chance to celebrate someone new!

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National Internship Awareness Month, ,
Jan 11 Monday
National Clean Your Desk Day,
Jan 12 Tuesday
National Pharmacist Day, ,
Jan 20 Wednesday
National DJ Day,
Jan 25 Monday
Community Manager Appreciation Day
Feb 3 Wednesday
National Women Physicians Day,
Feb 5 Friday
National Weatherperson's Day,
Apr 11 Sunday
National Submarine Day
Apr 16 Friday
National Librarian Day, ,
Apr 18 Sunday
National Lineman Appreciation Day,
Apr 25 Sunday
National Hairstylist Appreciation Day,
National Hug a Plumber Day,
Apr 28 Wednesday
Administrative Professionals Day,
May 15 Saturday
National Armed Forces Day, , , ,
May 21 Friday
National Waitstaff Day,
Jun 24 Thursday
National Work From Home Day
Aug 23 Monday
Health Unit Coordinators Day
Oct 2 Saturday
National Custodian Day,
Oct 5 Tuesday
World Teachers' Day ,
Oct 10 Sunday
National Hug a Drummer Day, ,
Oct 19 Tuesday
National Pharmacy Technician Day, ,
Oct 20 Wednesday
National Medical Assistants Day, ,
Oct 23 Saturday
National Paralegal Day,
Oct 27 Wednesday
​National Mentoring Day, , ,
Oct 28 Thursday
​National First Responders Day, ,
Nov 1 Monday
National Author's Day
Nov 6 Saturday
National Team Manager Day, ,
Nov 10 Wednesday
International Accounting Day, ,
Nov 15 Monday
National Drummer Day, ,
Dec 6 Monday
National Miners Day, ,
Dec 8 Wednesday
National Bartender Day, ,
Dec 13 Monday
National Salesperson Day
May 6-12
National Nurses Week,
May 16-22
National EMS Week,
Sep 12-18
Nephrology Nurses Week,
Sep 19-25
National Surgical Technologists Week,