Career Holidays

Whether you’re buying an artisan sandwich or going to the dentist, people provide us essential services every day. It’s difficult to remember to stop and appreciate them, which is why we’re so excited to celebrate our 25 career holidays!

Where did career holidays come from?

To answer this question, we have to go back to the beginning of time (well, at least, as we know it). For thousands of years, humans could only complete all the tasks that were necessary for them to survive—they weren't allowed to develop any special skills.

But then, society got more complex and the specialization of labor became possible. That means, believe it or not, humans have had "jobs" of some sort for tens of thousands of years. However, each of these jobs were still necessary enough to survival that no one celebrated their completion.

It wasn't until after the 19th century that citizens started proposing actual days to commemorate what they do for a living. Most of these holidays were championed by associations of professionals attempting to draw awareness to certain careers—but there's a rich history of both private citizens and even presidents declaring holidays. Just look at Rick and Margie Segel, who founded National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day (Mar. 29) in honor of Rick's parents—or President Bush, who declared National Doctor's Day (Mar. 30) in 1991.

Submit your favorite career holidays

Do you see a career missing from this list? We welcome holiday submissions over on our holiday submission page. Be prepared to share a bit of history about the holiday. We'd also love if you could give us a track record of media coverage (it's a great way to prove your holiday is celebrated). If your holiday passes those requirements, we'd love to hear from you!