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MonSep 9

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day – September 9, 2024

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day is celebrated every year on the Monday after Labor Day. This is a special day for bosses and employees to switch places in order to get a taste of each other’s responsibilities. For just one day, both groups get to step into each other’s shoes. Now before you slide into your boss’s swivel chair, let’s take a look at some history.

History of National Boss/Employee Exchange Day

The history of National Boss/Employee Exchange Day is unknown but the history of work is perhaps as old as man himself. Humans have engaged in some form of labor or the other since the beginning of time. In the prehistoric era, work was mainly subsistent in nature and limited to the bare tasks required for survival, such as the cultivation of food and the building of shelters. As civilization rose, so also did the division of labor. People who were proficient in certain tasks began to specialize and receive compensation for their work.

During the Middle Ages, feudal societies emerged in Europe. During this era, workers called vassals were given possession of land in exchange for service to a lord. However, the system was unsatisfactory as it led to unfair treatment of workers.

The Renaissance era gave birth to better working conditions for workers, who began earning higher wages and more liberties. The Industrial Revolution further solidified this new beginning. From 1760 to 1840, machinery began to replace labor-intensive work.

In the modern era, there are international and regional laws that ensure that the rights of workers are adequately protected. Work could be mental or sedentary. Modern developments have even made remote work a possibility. After the COVID-19 pandemic, which had an unforgettable impact on the world, 80% of workers in the U.S. were still carrying out remote work as of April 2021.

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day timeline

1760 — 1840
The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution takes place, transforming the world economy from agricultural to industrial.

January 31, 1865
Slavery Abolished

Slavery is abolished in the United States.

The Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act is signed into law, prescribing guidelines on fair employment practices.

COVID-19 Hits

In order to curtail the spread of the virus, non-essential workers begin working from home.

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day FAQs

When was Labor Day first celebrated?

Labor Day was first celebrated on September 5, 1882.

What is the salary of the president?

The President of the United States earns an annual income of $400,000.

What is the highest salary in the world?

The highest salary in the world is between $250,000 and $400,000, earned by anesthesiologists and neurosurgeons.

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day Activities

  1. Take a selfie

    As an employee, break the ice and ask for a selfie with your boss. If you’re a boss, take group pictures with your employees. You just might be surprised that “Deke from Accounting” actually smiles!

  2. Share your experiences

    Sharing stories and experiences help us understand each other better. Have a little informal gathering where everyone gets a chance to share funny or inspirational stories about challenges they face while working.

  3. Just enjoy it!

    How often do we get to step into another person’s shoes? This day comes only once a year so do whatever you can to make it as memorable as possible!

5 Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. Professional sleeper

    These lucky folks are paid to test the comfort of beds and mattresses by sleeping on them.

  2. Dog food taster

    Their job is to taste dog food products and compare flavors.

  3. Netflix watcher

    A Netflix watcher is paid to watch movies before they are released to the audience.

  4. Train pusher

    In Japan, train pushers are hired to stuff large crowds into a train so the doors can close!

  5. Odor judge

    They’re hired to smell the armpits and breath of volunteers, in order to ascertain whether a product is working properly.

Why We Love National Boss/Employee Exchange Day

  1. Bonding opportunity

    This special day gives us a chance to bond and understand each other better. This, in turn, creates a conducive work environment that allows us to be even more productive.

  2. Take a breath

    For one day, we get to take a break from the formal work atmosphere and enjoy each other’s company.

  3. Fun learning

    This holiday is not only a chance to relax and bond, but it also gives us the opportunity to learn about other aspects of our job we may not have known about. Rather than trying to lord it over your boss, take the chance to develop leadership skills. As an employer, take the day as an opportunity to be a better listener.

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day dates

2022September 12Monday
2023September 11Monday
2024September 9Monday
2025September 8Monday
2026September 7Monday
2027September 13Monday

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