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FriSep 8

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day – September 8, 2023

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on September 8. Started by Wag!, this is a day dedicated to the recognition and appreciation of dog walkers and the heroes that they are. Regardless of the day or weather, they are always there to let our pups out and make our lives easier. They work hard to ensure our pets are kept safe, clean, and happy. So why not take a day to appreciate their dedication and kindness to our furry friends? After all, they also deserve some kindness for all that they do.

History of National Dog Walker Appreciation Day

According to Swedish geneticist, Pontus Skoglund, canine domestication first occurred about 27,000 — 40,000 years ago. It is believed that feral wolves were initially drawn to human settlements to scavenge for leftover food. Over time, they began to travel with nomads and a type of natural selection for domestication came into being. As per studies, China, the Middle East, and Europe are among the regions where the domestication of modern-day dogs first occurred.

Since then, dogs have made a place for themselves in society and our hearts unlike any other. They are our furry friends, emotional support, protectors, and even family members. For all the love and joy they bring to our lives, they require care and attention in return. When nature calls, they need to be let out of the house to handle their business. They need to be taken out on frequent walks to get fresh air to exercise, and a little playtime in nature. While they have set schedules in the morning and evening for the same, it can be challenging for working fur parents to take them on walks. This is where dog walkers come to save the day.

Picking up poop is just one aspect of a dog walker’s work, and it’s also the most basic. Everyone, however, has a tale about the dog walker who hurried across town to let the dog out when its owner was trapped at work, or who watered the plants, fed the fish, and kept an eye on the house, while the family was on vacation. Every day, dog walkers go above and beyond the call of duty; nonetheless, most people are unaware of how difficult the work is. Started by Wag!, the platform that connects pet parents with local dog walkers, National Dog Walker Appreciation Day provides walkers the recognition they’ve long deserved.

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day timeline

27,000 — 40,000 Years Ago
Dogs Become Our Friends

The domestication of canines takes place.

Professional Dog Walkers Emerge

Jim Buck sets up the first dog walking service in New York City.

Wag! Is Born

Wag!, the on-demand platform for dog walkers and pet parents is founded.

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day

Wag! declares September 8 to be a day of appreciation for dog walkers.

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day FAQs

What qualifications are needed to be a dog walker?

There are no specific qualifications needed to be a dog walker. However, experience in animal aid, animal care, and animal behavior is always a plus.

How much do dog walkers get paid?

An average dog walker is paid between $10 — $35. However, this can be substantially more or less depending on the area, the type of dog, the number of dogs, the dog walking service, or individual, to name a few factors.

Do dog walkers need insurance?

No, that is not a requirement for dog walkers.

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Appreciate your dog walker

    If you are a pet owner and have a dog walker, appreciate them a little more today. Whether it is telling them how much you appreciate their help or getting them a small token of appreciation — let them know how you feel!

  2. Tip your dog walker

    Dog walking is a much more challenging job than it seems to be. In addition to walking the dog, dog walkers are responsible for picking up behind them, ensuring their safety, getting enough exercise, getting the dogs to do their business, and so much more. Tip them for their hard work.

  3. Walk your dog

    If you can, take the time out today and take your dog out for a walk. This will give you some quality time with your pup, an insight into the dog walker’s job, and it will also give the dog walker a much-deserved day off. You could even offer to walk someone else’s dog and be their dog walker today.

5 Fun Facts About Our Furry Friends

  1. They have a super sense of smell

    Dogs can smell 40x better than humans.

  2. They can do it all

    Dogs can at times be even better swimmers than humans.

  3. They are fast

    Some dogs are so fast they can beat cheetahs.

  4. They have favorites

    Just like us, dogs have a dominant left or right paw.

  5. They have incredible hearing

    Dogs can hear significantly higher and lower frequencies than humans can.

Why We Love National Dog Walker Appreciation Day

  1. Dog walkers work hard

    Dog walking is seldom understood for the effort that goes into it. It is a difficult job and one that bears no restriction in terms of weather conditions. Come what may, dog walkers show up and look after our loved ones — and that deserves to be celebrated.

  2. Dog walkers are caring

    To dedicate one’s time to the love and care of furry friends is nothing short of amazing. Not only do dog walkers make our dogs’ days better, but they also enable the owners to fulfill their other duties stress-free and with the assurance that their pets are being well taken care of.

  3. Dog walkers are responsible

    Spending so much time with dogs, dog walkers become aware of their needs, behaviors, and moods. They can detect when something is off with the dogs and can bring it to the attention of the owners, which may have been missed otherwise.

National Dog Walker Appreciation Day dates

2023September 8Friday
2024September 8Sunday
2025September 8Monday
2026September 8Tuesday
2027September 8Wednesday

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