Pet Holidays

We’ve got the best ways to celebrate fun and interesting pet-related holidays with all of your furry family members!

Jan. 5National Bird DayPetsU.S.
Jan. 14National Dress Up Your Pet DayPetsU.S.
Jan. 23World Spay DayCause, PetsWorld
Feb. 3Doggy Date NightPetsU.S.
Feb. 20National Love Your Pet DayPetsU.S.
Feb. 22National Walking the Dog DayPetsU.S.
Feb. 23International Dog Biscuit Appreciation DayPetsWorld
Mar. 13National K9 Veterans DayCause, PetsU.S.
Mar. 23National Puppy DayPetsU.S.
Mar. 28Respect Your Cat DayPetsU.S.
Apr. 6National Siamese Cat DayPetsU.S.
Apr. 10National Hug Your Dog DayPetsU.S.
Apr. 11National Pet DayPetsU.S.
Apr. 21National Bulldogs are Beautiful DayPetsU.S.
Jun. 4National Hug Your Cat DayPetsU.S.
Jun. 19International Box DayPetsWorld
Jun. 20Ugliest Dog DayPetsU.S.
Jun. 22National Take Your Dog to Work DayPetsU.S.
Jul. 10National Kitten DayPetsU.S.
Jul. 15National Pet Fire Safety DayPetsU.S.
Jul. 31National Mutt DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 8World Cat DayPetsWorld
Aug. 10National Spoil Your Dog DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 17National Black Cat Appreciation DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 19International Homeless Animals DayCause, PetsWorld
Aug. 26National Dog DayPetsU.S.
Aug. 30National Holistic Pet DayPetsU.S.
Sep. 19National Meow Like a Pirate DayPetsU.S.
Sep. 23National Dogs in Politics DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 11National Pet Obesity DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 16National Feral Cat DayCause, PetsU.S.
Oct. 21National Reptile Awareness DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 27National Black Cat DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 28National Pit Bull Awareness DayPetsU.S.
Oct. 29National Cat DayPetsU.S.
Nov. 1National Cook For Your Pets DayPetsU.S.
Dec. 2National Mutt DayPetsU.S.
JanuaryNational Train Your Dog MonthPetsU.S.
JanuaryUnchain a Dog MonthPetsU.S.
JanuaryWalk Your Dog MonthPetsU.S.
MarchNational Pet MonthPetsU.S.
AprilPrevention of Cruelty to Animals MonthPetsU.S.
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