International Cat Day – August 8, 2020

Sat Aug 8

International Cat Day confirms one thing — we have loved our cats since the beginning of time — or close to it.  In fact, the Ancient Egyptians were the first civilization to harness the glory of the feline. Nearly 4,000 years ago, they domesticated our four-legged friends by keeping them near food stores. (This helped control vermin and other pests.) Cats quickly earned a reputation as great hunters, and later, Egyptians worshipped them as gods. The International Fund for Animal Welfare, with headquarters in Washington, DC, created the day back in 2002. For International Cat Day on August 8, we celebrate one of humanity’s most ancient pets. Of course, if you’re a cat owner, you know that everyday is International Cat Day. They’re not about to let us forget.

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International Cat Day Activities

  1. Dress the part

    Whether you're spending International Cat Day at school, work, home, or out on the town, show your love for felines by donning a pair of cat ears. Claws optional.

  2. Take a catnap

    Cats are the world's foremost experts in napping. Getting anywhere from 12-16 hours of shuteye per day, cats are not only incredibly well-rested — they can also contort themselves into countless nap-time positions.

  3. A catty selfie

    Let the whole world know how you feel by snapping a selfie with your cat and posting it on social media.

Why We Love International Cat Day

  1. Prowling around

    Who needs chemicals, rat traps, or an exterminator, when you've got a lean, mean (but cute and cuddly) killing machine living in your house? It's no surprise, of course. Humans domesticated cats for their hunting prowess.

  2. They're happy...and they know it

    Even if they try to give us the cold shoulder, avoid our touch, or simply hide under the bed, they're physically incapable of masking their happiness. That motor-like purr gives them away every time.

  3. Low maintenance

    If you're a cat owner, chances are you've purchased a shiny new toy for your feline friend, only for her to completely ignore it. Instead, she'll attack a ball of discarded aluminum foil. Luckily, cats seem perfectly content playing with everyday household items — saving you some money in the process.

International Cat Day dates
2020August 8Saturday
2021August 8Sunday
2022August 8Monday
2023August 8Tuesday
2024August 8Thursday