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National Perler Day – August 8, 2024

National Perler Day is celebrated on August 8 every year in the U.S. If you are wondering what Perler beads are, let us tell you that they are plastic fusible beads made from a type of plastic known as low-density polyethylene. These beads are used to make artistic pieces. The beads are arranged on pegboards to form certain figures with the help of patterns and then fused with heat from an iron. National Perler Day is an opportunity for a do-it-yourself day, celebrating fun, creativity, and imagination with Perler fusible beads!

History of National Perler Day

In Vällingby, Sweden, Gunnar Knutsson created the pegboard for bead designs, which was patented in 1962 (granted in 1967), as a therapy for elderly homes. It did not take long until the pegboard gained popularity as a toy for children. The bead designs would be glued to cardboard or Masonite boards and then used as trivets. The beads were later made from polyethylene and it became possible to fuse them with a flat iron.

Perler beads were first introduced in the U.S. in Cloverdale, California, in 1981. The brand that introduced Perler beads is owned by Simplicity Creative Corp., which is a part of CSS Industries which is a company, focused on selling items related to craft, gifts, and seasonal specialties. Perler products are sold online and in stores nationwide. They range from beads to pegboards, activity kits, tools, and much more.

Most often considered a kids’ crafting activity, Perler beads are enjoying new popularity also among adults who use Perler beads to create elaborate pixel art. There are not only fan sites but also online community forums dedicated to this unique art form, where, for example, you’ll find photorealistic portraits of Quentin Tarantino, made with approximately 12,000 Perler beads, Madonna, Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton, and Pete Buttigieg, along with numerous tributes to video game characters, comic book heroes, and other pop culture icons.

National Perler Day timeline

The Perler Beads are Created

In Vällingby, Sweden, Gunnar Knutsson creates the pegboard for bead designs.

The Patent For Perler Beads is Granted

Gunnar Knutsson has his invention patented.

Perler Beads Come to the U.S.

They are first introduced in Cloverdale, California.

National Perler Day Is Created

This day is founded by CSS Industries which is a creative consumer products company.

National Perler Day FAQs

What were Perler beads known as?

Perler beads used to be called Hama beads or Nabbi beads.

What age is good for Perler beads?

Most children from ages six and over can use the classic-sized Perler beads which are just 0,196 inches in width.

Are Perler beads toxic?

The Perler beads are made from a food-safe plastic named LDPE, which makes them non-toxic and safe for use during your crafting sessions with kids.

National Perler Day Activities

  1. Buy your own Perler Beads

    If you have never tried to have fun with Perler Beads, this could be a great opportunity to do so. You can find Perler Beads online or even in almost every store.

  2. Create your own Perler Beads pattern

    There are many tutorials on Youtube that can help you to create your own Perler Beads pattern. Try different patterns and be ready to create your piece of art.

  3. Post your piece of art on social media

    There are fan sites and online community forums where you can post your Perler Beads pattern. You will also find unique art forms, for example, photorealistic portraits.

5 Steps On How To Do Perler Beads

  1. Select a design

    A simple web search can help you decide between many ideas or pick up an official Perler pattern pad.

  2. Separate your beads

    Get your beads separated into bowls or containers by colors.

  3. Plan your design

    Figure out from what edge to start, and count across to make sure you have enough width and height to fit on the pegboard.

  4. Complete your Perler bead design

    Using your fingers is usually tough so use bead tweezers to make the job easier.

  5. Iron your Perler design

    Leave your beads on the pegboard, cover them with Perler ironing paper, and iron evenly for 15-20 seconds.

Why We Love National Perler Day

  1. Perler Beads are fun

    They can be a fun activity to engage in. Arrange a crafts afternoon with your friends and create your patterns of Perler Beads.

  2. They are inexpensive

    Unlike many toys for children, Perler Beads are inexpensive. You have a lot of different options that can meet your pocket conditions!

  3. They encourage imagination

    Imagination is something important for children. Playing with Perler Beads encourages the imagination of children and helps them be creative.

National Perler Day dates

2024August 8Thursday
2025August 8Friday
2026August 8Saturday
2027August 8Sunday
2028August 8Tuesday

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