National Today was created in the name of FUN. We believe there’s something worth celebrating every day. If you’re doing just that, you’re having fun in the process! With over 60 opportunities throughout the year to celebrate quirky, fun-filled holidays, we’ll ensure you’re never left without a reason to throw a party. Whether you’re staying home or leaving the house to celebrate, what matters the most is that you’re enjoying yourself.

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National Hobby Month, , ,
National Humor Month
Sports America Kids Month, ,
National Novel Writing Month, ,
Jan 1 Saturday
Polar Bear Plunge Day ,
Jan 3 Monday
National Thank God Its Monday Day
Jan 16 Sunday
National Nothing Day,
Jan 17 Monday
Ditch New Year's Resolution Day
Jan 20 Thursday
Get To know Your Customer Day,
Jan 23 Sunday
National Handwriting Day, ,
Jan 28 Friday
National Fun at Work Day,
National Kazoo Day,
National Lego Day, ,
Jan 31 Monday
National Backward Day
National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day,
Feb 4 Friday
National Bubble Gum Day, ,
Feb 7 Monday
National Sickie Day, ,
Feb 8 Tuesday
National Kite-Flying Day, ,
Feb 11 Friday
Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day,
Feb 13 Sunday
Get a Different Name Day, ,
Feb 25 Friday
Yukon Heritage Day
Feb 27 Sunday
National Pokemon Day,
Feb 28 Monday
National Public Sleeping Day,
Mar 1 Tuesday
National Pig Day
Mar 10 Thursday
National Landline Telephone Day, ,
Mar 19 Saturday
National Let's Laugh Day, ,
Mar 26 Saturday
Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, ,
Mar 29 Tuesday
National Smoke and Mirrors Day
Apr 1 Friday
International Fun at Work Day,
Apr 3 Sunday
National Find a Rainbow Day,
World Party Day, , ,
Apr 6 Wednesday
National Sorry Charlie Day, ,
Apr 9 Saturday
National Name Yourself Day,
Apr 13 Wednesday
National Scrabble Day,
Apr 14 Thursday
International Moment of Laughter Day, ,
Apr 17 Sunday
International Haiku Poetry Day
Apr 19 Tuesday
Wear Pajamas to Work Day,
Apr 23 Saturday
National Take a Chance Day,
Apr 28 Wednesday
Denim Day, , ,
Apr 30 Saturday
International Jazz Day,
May 6 Friday
National No Pants Day ,
May 9 Monday
National Lost Sock Memorial Day , ,
May 14 Saturday
National Dance Like a Chicken Day, ,
May 19 Thursday
National May Ray Day,
May 27 Friday
National Road Trip Day, ,
May 29 Sunday
Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day
May 31 Tuesday
National Smile Day, ,
Jun 1 Wednesday
National Go Barefoot Day, ,
Jun 3 Friday
Repeat Day, ,
Jun 18 Saturday
International Picnic Day, ,
Jun 19 Sunday
National Garfield the Cat Day, ,
Jun 21 Tuesday
World Day of Music,
Jun 23 Thursday
National Pink Day
Jun 25 Saturday
National Leon Day,
Jun 27 Monday
National Bingo Day, ,
Jul 2 Friday
Drive Your Corvette to Work Day, ,
Jul 5 Monday
National Workaholics Day
Jul 8 Thursday
National SCUD Day, ,
Jul 10 Saturday
Teddy Bear Picnic Day, ,
Jul 11 Sunday
Day of the Flemish Community,
Jul 13 Tuesday
Gruntled Workers Day, ,
Jul 15 Thursday
National Be A Dork Day, ,
National Clean Beauty Day,
Jul 19 Monday
Stick Out Your Tongue Day,
Jul 25 Sunday
National Merry Go Round Day, ,
National Thread the Needle Day
Jul 26 Monday
National All or Nothing Day,
Aug 4 Wednesday
Regatta Day, ,
Aug 10 Tuesday
National Lazy Day,
Aug 11 Wednesday
Royal National Agricultural Show Day
Aug 13 Friday
International Lefthanders Day
National Prosecco Day,
Aug 16 Monday
National Roller Coaster Day,
Aug 19 Thursday
World Photo Day, ,
Aug 23 Monday
Cheap Flight Day,
Aug 27 Friday
International Lottery Day,
Tracky Dack Day, ,
Sep 20 Monday
National Punch Day, ,
Sep 24 Friday
Heritage Day,
Sep 27 Monday
National No Excuses Day, ,
Sep 28 Tuesday
Ask a Stupid Question Day
Oct 1 Friday
National Hair Day
Oct 2 Saturday
National Name Your Car Day,
Oct 3 Sunday
National Kevin Day
Oct 5 Tuesday
Amazon Prime Day, ,
National Be Nice Day,
National Get Funky Day
National Kiss a Wrestler Day ,
Oct 6 Wednesday
National Coaches Day, ,
National Mad Hatter Day, ,
Oct 9 Saturday
Oct 11 Monday
It's My Party Day, ,
National Kimberly Day
Oct 13 Wednesday
National Transfer Money to Your Son Day
Oct 15 Friday
National Grouch Day
​National I Love Lucy Day,
Oct 17 Sunday
National Mulligan Day ,
Oct 18 Monday
National No Beard Day,
Oct 22 Friday
International Caps Lock Day
Oct 23 Saturday
Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day , ,
Oct 31 Sunday
Halloween, , , ,
Nov 8 Monday
International Tongue Twister Day, ,
Nov 9 Tuesday
Chaos Never Dies Day, ,
Nov 13 Saturday
Sadie Hawkins Day, ,
Nov 15 Monday
Odd Socks Day
Nov 17 Wednesday
National Take a Hike Day
Nov 18 Thursday
National Princess Day,
Nov 19 Friday
National Integration Day
Nov 20 Saturday
National Absurdity Day
Nov 21 Sunday
World Fisheries Day,
Nov 22 Monday
Love Your Freckles Day
Nov 28 Sunday
Red Planet Day
Dec 2 Thursday
National Fritters Day, ,
Dec 10 Friday
Dewey Decimal System Day
Dec 11 Saturday
Christmas Jumper Day, ,
Dec 12 Sunday
​National Ding-A-Ling Day, ,
National Poinsettia Day, , ,
Dec 13 Monday
Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
Dec 14 Tuesday
National Free Shipping Day
Dec 15 Wednesday
National Cat Herders Day,
Dec 17 Friday
National Device Appreciation Day, , ,
Dec 18 Saturday
National Ugly Sweater Day,
Dec 19 Sunday
Look for an Evergreen Day , ,
Dec 23 Thursday
National Christmas Movie Marathon Day,
Dec 26 Sunday
National Whiners Day, ,
Dec 30 Thursday
National Resolution Planning Day,
Jan 29-31
Big Schools Birdwatch, ,