Fun Holidays

Here at National Today, we like our couch—but we love fun holidays that let us get active, go on adventures, or even just treat ourselves even more. We’re so excited to celebrate 61 fun holidays each year!

National Fun at Work Day
National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day,
National Kazoo Day,
National Lego Day, ,
National Bubble Gum Day
National Kite-Flying Day, ,
National Pokemon Day,
National Landline Telephone Day
National Let's Laugh Day
National Find a Rainbow Day
National Scrabble Day,
Wear Pajamas to Work Day
National Haiku Poetry Day
International Jazz Day, ,
National Garfield the Cat Day
World Day of Music, ,
National Bingo Day,
Amazon Prime Day, ,
National Coloring Book Day,
Regatta Day, , , ,
National Lazy Day
International Lefthanders Day
Royal National Agricultural Show Day
National Roller Coaster Day,
Cheap Flight Day
International Lottery Day
National Coloring Day,
National Punch Day
Batman Day,
Heritage Day
National Comic Book Day, ,
National No Excuses Day, ,
National Hair Day
National Name Your Car Day,
National Kevin Day
National Be Nice Day
National Get Funky Day
National Coaches Day, , ,
National Mad Hatter Day, ,
National Hug a Drummer Day
National Kimberly Day
National Transfer Money to Your Son Day
National Grouch Day
​National I Love Lucy Day,
National Mulligan Day
Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day
National Take a Hike Day,
National Princess Day,
​National Ding-A-Ling Day, ,
National Poinsettia Day, , , , ,
National Free Shipping Day
National Cat Herders Day,
National Ugly Sweater Day,
​National Short Person Day
National Hobby Month
National Embroidery Month,
National Crafting Month,
National Decorating Month
National Garden Month, ,
National Humor Month
National Novel Writing Month

Where did fun activity holidays come from?

Before the Industrial Revolution, there were no holidays to celebrate besides the obvious contenders (think Christmas and New Year's). However, around this time, the definition of a holiday slowly started to change. People started to think of holidays as small occasions that could be integrated into their everyday lives rather than large, more solemn or official celebrations that required time off, presents, and family gatherings.

Different forces started to capitalize on this shift in thinking. Ordinary folks jumped on the bandwagon—we don't know exactly who started National Rubber Ducky Day (Jan. 13), but we're pretty sure it's a super-fan of Sesame Street. Brands and associations also got in on the fun (National Houseplant Appreciation Day was started by the Gardener's Network, for example).

Today, we have hundreds of lighthearted and fun holidays to celebrate. They allow us to get out of the house and fully appreciate our environment!

Submit your favorite fun holidays

Is there a holiday you celebrate every year you don't see here? Propose your holiday to our curators at our holiday submission page. You'll be asked to share a little bit about the holiday before we accept your submission. Have articles been written about the holiday? Have you seen people celebrating it on social media? If your holiday passes all of the requirements, we'd love to hear from you!