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National SCUD Day
MonJul 8

SCUD Day – July 8, 2024

SCUD Day is celebrated every year on July 8 and is also popularly known as National Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day. The aim of the day is to encourage people of all ages and interests to set aside all the drama they have been experiencing in life and to simply relax. Working hard is never the problem — it is the unnecessary drama and issues that we allow to enter into our lives that cause complications. This year on National SCUD Day, make a vow to focus on the positive, and distance yourself from the negativities that may surround you.

History of SCUD Day

SCUD Day was created by author and lawyer Stephanie West Allen in 2007. Allen has vast experience in the field of law due to the years she held office in local bar associations. However, with law, she also took many courses in Santa Clara University’s School of Counseling Psychology. This is what led her to realize that people who work hard need some time off too. Hence, she created National SCUD Day, which is dedicated to simply chilling out. Allen is also part owner of the SCUD (Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama) Club, which is a bi-weekly newsletter that talks about how you can relax and forget all the problems in life.

On this day, you are required to step back from your busy schedules and problems, and try to see the positive in everything you are experiencing. Most importantly, utilize these 24 hours to relax, laugh, and disassociate yourself from any drama that surrounds you.

This wasn’t the first time in history that researchers have advertized the need to relax and forget the troubles of life. In 1929, Dr. Edmund Jacobson published a book called “Progressive Relaxation.” The book revolved around procedures and exercises that aid in removing muscular tension and also relieving mental stress. It is after the launch of the book that the word ‘relax’ started to be used commonly. In 1932, another new method of relaxation called ‘autogenic training’ was developed. According to this technique, you can calm down just by commanding your body to relax.

SCUD Day timeline

Change the Mood

Professor Herbert Benson introduces a relaxation method called ‘the relaxation response.’

Manage it Right

The art of t'ai chi improves the mood, according to the “International Journal of Stress Management.”

Chill Out

A study reveals chronic stress weakens the immune system.

Bright Mind

A study reveals that relaxing improves memory.


What does no drama mean?

No drama means to have no worries or problems in sight.

Do guys like drama?

Men and women who seek attention are the ones who like drama most in their lives.

What is considered drama in a relationship?

Drama in a relationship often includes one partner manipulating the other. 

How to Celebrate SCUD Day

  1. Do some yoga

    The best way to relax is to channel your breathing and bring your mind to the present through yoga. The soothing routine is bound to help you destress and shift your focus.

  2. Watch a comedian perform

    Head out to watch a live stand-up show — or watch a recorded one at home! The aim is to be left in fits of laughter.

  3. Read a book on how to relax

    Believe it or not, leaving the drama behind and relaxing is not an easy task. This is why numerous psychologists and intellectuals have written books on how one can relax the mind and stay happy.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Relaxation

  1. No headaches

    People who relax more have fewer headaches.

  2. People can’t relax!

    In a study of 100 people, 45% revealed they found it difficult to relax.

  3. Chewing gum can help

    Chewing reduces stress and boosts productivity.

  4. Women experience physical signs of stress

    Men are less likely to manifest physical signs of stress than women.

  5. Stress changes your breathing

    Stress changes your breathing, which in turn affects the oxygen levels in the body.

Why SCUD Day is Important

  1. It teaches us the importance of relaxation

    The day stands as a reminder of the benefits of relaxing and enjoying a peaceful life to its fullest. It also teaches us to laugh out loud and stay happy.

  2. It talks about avoiding unnecessary drama

    The day teaches us to disassociate ourselves from any drama going around and, instead, focus on improving our mood.

  3. Laughter is the best medicine

    National SCUD Day reiterates the belief that laughter is the best medicine. The concept behind the origins of the day is to spread joy and make life simple.

SCUD Day dates

2024July 8Monday
2025July 8Tuesday
2026July 8Wednesday
2027July 8Thursday
2028July 8Saturday

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