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MonJul 8

National Freezer Pop Day – July 8, 2024

We are celebrating National Freezer Pop Day on July 8. Jel Sert Co., an Illinois-based snack food company, started this day in 2020. It is an annual celebration to cherish those delicious freezer pops that we used to enjoy so much. There will always be a child inside all of us who longs for cold popsicles during the hot summer days. National Freezer Pop Day is a new holiday that can help us make our summer days cool and refreshing. Let’s get ready, grab our favorite freezer pop, and enjoy it like there is nothing else.

History of National Freezer Pop Day

A freezer pop is a water-based, flavored frozen mix. They are also known as freezies or freeze pops. In some ways, it’s similar to an ice pop. Most of the content is water and it is sweetened with sugar. Food coloring and flavor are added to the mix, it is packed in a plastic tube or a casing and sold. Freezies do not need to be frozen before the sale, unlike a popsicle. This makes it easy to make and transport. Hence, the cost is less than that of regular ice pops. Freezies are sold all over the world in different flavors, including orange, lime, grape, banana, mango, etc. They also come in colors matching their flavor.

Freezepop, freezer pop, ice pole, icy pole, sip up, ice candy, etc. are a few names for freezies throughout the world. Frank Epperson is widely credited with the creation of the popsicle, or at least, the first version of it. He did this in 1905 when he was a child in San Francisco Bay. The invention was an accidental one. He mixed some sweet soda powder with water and left it for the night. In the morning, he discovered it had frozen into a delicious treat to lick on.

Pop-Ice created the first freeze pops, which is a development of the popsicle. The brand was later acquired by Jel Sert, who took freeze pops onto the global stage in 1963. There are different brands all over the world selling freeze pops. Jel Sert, one of the market leaders, started National Freezer Pop Day in 2020 to further boost its brand value and reach. From this, we get a day to enjoy our childhood nostalgia with a cold treat to refresh ourselves on a hot summer’s day.

National Freezer Pop Day timeline

Invention of the Popsicle

Frank Epperson creates the first popsicle.

Jel Sert Acquires Pop-Ice

Jel Sert acquires Pop-Ice, the brand behind the first freezer pops.

The Largest Freeze Pops Supplier

After acquiring Otter Pops, Jel Sert is now the largest supplier of frozen pops in the U.S.

National Freezer Pop Day

Jel Sert initiated National Freezer Pop Day.

National Freezer Pop Day FAQs

How long does it take for pop ice to freeze?

The latest-model freezers can do the job in 30 minutes, whereas the old models might take up to six hours.

What's the difference between popsicles and freezies?

The components of both popsicles and freezies are the same. However, they come in different forms and formats. Popsicles are frozen on a stick, whereas freezies are stored in plastic casings and do not need to be frozen before selling.

What are unfrozen popsicles called?

Some names for the unfrozen form of popsicles are freezies, freezy pops, and freeze pops.

National Freezer Pop Day Activities

  1. Enjoy freezer pops with your family

    This is a day about cherishing the delicious taste of freezer pops. You can freeze some of them and enjoy them with your family.

  2. Organize a freezer pop party

    Invite your close friends and family for a freezer pop party. Create recipes with them and try new and mixed flavors and enjoy the day.

  3. Get social reach

    A party is not complete without sharing joy with the world. Upload your social media profiles with your party events, new flavors you tried with your friends, and information about the day.

5 Facts About Ice Pops That You Should Know

  1. An accidental invention

    The popsicle was first made accidentally by an 11-year-old.

  2. The first name of popsicles

    The first name of popsicles was Epsicle, a portmanteau of the creator's name and icicle.

  3. Zooper-dooper

    Freezer pops are known as Zooper-dooper in Australia.

  4. The largest freezer pop

    The largest ice pop ever made is 21-feet high.

  5. Most popular flavors

    Blue raspberry, cream soda, cherry, and grape are the world’s most popular freezie flavors.

Why We Love National Freezer Pop Day

  1. Delicious treat

    Who wouldn’t love a cool tasty treat on a hot summer day? We love them and we love that there is a day to cherish them.

  2. A nostalgic ecstacy

    All of our childhood memories include enjoying the taste of a freezie. We love to reminisce about the good old days.

  3. Simple, sweet, and tasty

    Freeze pops are simple, sweet, and delicious. We love such simple and tasty treats. Most importantly, we love having a day to enjoy them.

National Freezer Pop Day dates

2024July 8Monday
2025July 8Tuesday
2026July 8Wednesday
2027July 8Thursday
2028July 8Saturday

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