Brand Holidays

Our lives wouldn’t be the same without some of America’s most iconic companies and products—just think of the last time you tried to eat an off-brand Oreo. That’s why everyone at National Today is so excited to celebrate 0 brand holidays each year.

Where did brand holidays come from?

By the mid 20th century, companies were creating holidays for their brands at record speed. This came from a major change in thinking about holidays at the turn of the century—namely, that not all celebrations needed to be occasions so established they required weeks of time off! (Remember, it was mid-Industrial Revolution here.)

Once brands realized the holiday market was wide open, they started creating fun days to celebrate themselves. Pretty straightforward, right? But you'll never guess the holiday that started it all. The occasion that made brands realize they could create their own holidays was none other than Mother's Day. It was conceived of in 1907 by a woman who wanted to commemorate her ill mother.

When it was signed into law, it was the impetus for brands all over America to grab days of their own!

Submit your favorite brand holidays

At National Today, we're always still building our roster of holidays—and we encourage you to submit your favorite brand celebration you don't see here! If you'd like to submit a holiday, head on over to our holiday submission page and let us know. Be prepared to share a bit of information about your proposed holiday. Are there articles about it? Do people celebrate it on social media? We look forward to hearing from you!