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February16–October 22

Build a Better Trade Show Image Week – February 16-October 22, 2025

Build a Better Trade Show Image Week is observed every third week of February and this year it will be marked on February 16 to 22. This week has been observed since 1999 and it is quite self-explanatory what the objective of the week is. It was originated by Marlys Arnold who has vast experience attending, organizing, and participating in trade shows. Arnold believes that trade shows have great potential but go untapped because participants often lack proper understanding and execution. Trade shows are beneficial for B2B (business-to-business) organizations. They are also an effective platform for businesses to expand their market by engaging with potential clients in a manner that no other platform supports, though, it requires effective strategy and execution to make it a success.

History of Build a Better Trade Show Image Week

Trade has been an integral part of our civilization. In ancient cultures, caravan routes emerged as traders traveled through certain locales frequently. These traders sold their goods and commodities at the local bazaars of towns. Eventually, these bazaars emerged as a center of culture and information.

The markets or bazaars were usually of two types — permanent and seasonal types. In permanent markets, the traders sold their goods in settled spots by the day on movable carts and by night they were taken back for safe-keeping. Others also had a permanent spot where they served their customers. Seasonal markets, however, were periodical. In modern-day, shopping complexes (or malls) have emerged forming a similar structure to bazaars. But, where should another business go when looking for another business to trade with or invest in?

This is where a trade show comes into the picture. Every trade show has a specific theme or category. The vendors and buyers participate in a trade show if this category and theme are of their interest. Though, the primary deciding factor is the list of attendees. Similar to stores in a mall, through trade shows, vendors wish to generate leads and close sales. The better and larger the list of attendees, the more beneficial it can be for the participants of trade shows.

Build a Better Trade Show Image Week timeline

3000 B.C.
The First Bazaar

History suggests the first form of bazaar developed around 3000 B.C.

The World’s First Recognized Trade Show

The Great Exhibition is held during the reign of Queen Victoria with 100,000 exhibits and six million visitors.

Marlys Arnold Starts Podcast and Blog

With a growing number of trade fairs, Arnold starts helping people put up impactful trade shows through her podcast and blog.

A Book is Published

Marlys Arnold publishes her book that collates her years of experience as a trade show visitor, organizer, and participant.

Build a Better Trade Show Image Week FAQs

Are trade shows worth the investment?

Trade show exhibits are great for displaying new products.

How much do companies spend on trade shows?

On average, it costs about $100-$150 per square foot of floor space which gives the general ballpark figures for a trade show to be between $40,000 and $60,000.

How big is the trade show industry?

In 2022, the market size, measured by revenue, of the Trade Show and Conference Planning industry is discovered to be $18.2bn.

Build a Better Trade Show Image Week Activities

  1. Take tips from Marlys Arnold

    Read Arnold's books and listen to her podcasts. Build a better trade show image week has noteworthy tips for anyone planning to participate in a trade show.

  2. Visit a trade show

    First-hand experience is always more rewarding. Take cues from the best exhibits and look for aspects that will suit your idea and can be incorporated into your next exhibit.

  3. Put up an exhibit

    Use your learnings to put up an effective trade show and expand your business. This way, you also help others to learn from you.

5 Interesting Facts About Trade Shows

  1. Window shopping for businesses

    About 92% of attendees visit a trade show to learn about new and exciting products and services.

  2. Huge sales opportunity

    About 81% of attendees are potential customers with buying authority.

  3. World's largest exhibition hall

    Messegelände Hannover in Germany is the largest known exhibition hall in the world.

  4. Benefits to staff

    Survey shows that staff gain a better understanding and knowledge about the product after participating in a trade show.

  5. The best brand exposure

    The face-to-face interaction allows brands to market their unique value proposition in a way that no other platform allows.

Why We Love Build a Better Trade Show Image Week

  1. It ensures large audiences

    Exhibiting at trade shows can be expensive. But with a large number of potential clients under one roof, learning to do trade shows right is a crucial step to getting good returns on investment.

  2. Brand visibility

    For B2B businesses, trade shows can be a great platform for promotion. Even established brands suffer when not represented in trade shows.

  3. Facilities quick responses

    Leads generated at trade shows take 3.5 calls to close a deal while leads from other platforms take 4.5 calls on average. It is also a good place to get immediate feedback.

Build a Better Trade Show Image Week dates

2022February 20Sunday
2023February 19Sunday
2024February 18Sunday
2025February 16Sunday
2026February 15Sunday

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