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Day of Ashakalia – February 15, 2025

We are celebrating the Day of Ashakalia on February 15. It is a day celebrated annually to appreciate the importance of the Ashakali community in Kosovo. Kosovo is a nation that has people hailing from many races and cultures. The Ashakali people were viewed as second-class citizens. They suffered discrimination during the early days. Their flag day is now considered a public holiday in Kosovo. The day is dedicated to ending discrimination against the community and promoting education among the Ashakali children. Join us on this day to raise our voices against racial, cultural, and religious discrimination against other people.

History of Day of Ashakalia

Kosovo is one of the newest nations in the world. But the region in which it is located has its fair share of history. Vinca, a Neolithic archaeological culture, first inhabited the regions of Kosovo. Various empires occupied Kosovo after 4000 B.C. The occupation of the region continued for several centuries until the era of the Roman conquest, but Rome soon lost its grip on the region and the political turmoil continued.

After 1400 A.D., architecture flourished in the region, and various monasteries can attest to the glorious works of craftsmen of the time. The following years saw the rule of Ottoman and Serbian rule. The region also witnessed the Crusader armies clashing with the Ottomans. The clashes resulted in the siege of Constantinople in 1453 and the Ottoman conquest of the Balkan regions.

The Ottomans’ hold on the region lasted until the 1890s. During this era, nationalism started to emerge in Kosovo. 1897 saw the Revolt in Kosovo against Ottoman governance. The Kosovo region shifted hands several times and finally declared independence in 2008. The nation, although backed by European powers and America, still faced domestic issues. Communities like Ashakalia continue to face discrimination. Ashakalia Day was started to end discrimination and provide equal opportunities in education and employment. The Ashakali community is still subject to debate as there aren’t many studies about them. But their fight continues, and this day will help them get the international attention that they deserve.

Day of Ashakalia timeline

1st Century A.D.
Romans Take Over Kosovo Region

The history of Kosovo begins when the Romans gain control of the region.

1100 — 1200 A.D.
Serbia Controls Kosovo

Serbia gains control of Kosovo, making the area become the heartland of the Serbian Empire.

NATO’s Air Strikes

Nato launches air strikes against Yugoslavia lasting 78 days before Belgrade yields.

Kosovo Declares Independence

Kosovo declares independence from Serbia with major European powers and the United States recognizing independence.

Day of Ashakalia FAQs

Who are the Ashakali people?

Ashakali is an Albanian-speaking community in Kosovo. The exact origins of the community are disputed, but they share cultural traditions with the Balkan Roma people.

What race are the Ashakali?

The Ashakali are ethnic-cultural minorities in Kosovo.

Why did the U.S. bomb Serbia?

The U.S., as a part of NATO, conducted the bombing campaign in Serbia for humanitarian reasons involving the large outflow of Kosovar Albanian refugees.

How to Observe Day of Ashakalia

  1. Share the history of Kosovo

    Kosovo is one of the youngest nations. Not every other nation recognizes Kosovo but we do. Share the history of the nation on social media and with your friends.

  2. Write an article about Ashakali people

    The identity of the Ashakali community is still under debate. There is confusion about their identity due to the lack of proper studies and surveys about the community. Write an article about the community and promote further studies about them.

  3. List the various Baltic races and their origin

    Ashakali is one community among the numerous in the Baltic region. Find how people identify themselves and list them all.

5 Interesting Facts About Kosovo That You Should Know

  1. A young nation

    Kosovo is the second-youngest country in the world after South Sudan.

  2. Ruling of the International Court of Justice

    In 2010, the International Court of Justice ruled Kosovo a sovereign nation.

  3. Smallest Balkan nation

    Kosovo is the smallest Balkan nation.

  4. Full of young people

    Kosovo is one of the youngest nations in Europe by the age of its citizens with a median age of 29.1 years.

  5. Kosovo and Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa, when she was a teenager, lived in a small village in Kosovo.

Why Day of Ashakalia is Important

  1. Kosovo is a young nation

    Ashakali people belong to one of the latest nations formed in the world. We love when people give importance to their nationality and the identity of their nation.

  2. It promotes the importance of equality

    Equality is one of the foundations of modern society. It is very important and we love to have a day dedicated to ending discrimination and promoting freedom.

  3. It highlights the freedom of choice

    Freedom of choice is an important civil right. People have the right to identify with a community and we love that the Ashakali community is proud of their heritage.

Day of Ashakalia dates

2025February 15Saturday
2026February 15Sunday
2027February 15Monday
2028February 15Tuesday
2029February 15Thursday

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