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Love Reset Day – February 15, 2025

Love Reset Day is marked every year on February 15 which is the day after Valentine’s Day. For many, the day of love can be a rude awakening, when they realize that traditional romance is not as fulfilling as it seems, leading to a journey of self-discovery and self-love. The Love Reset Day started as a 30-day challenge that gives people the opportunity to evaluate the quality of their relationships and identify areas that require nurturing for sustainable and long-lasting relationships. It is a day that calls for deep introspection with the aim of making relationships fulfilling.

History of Love Reset Day

“Be worthy love, and love will come.” This is a famous quote from Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel “Little Women,” and it is very much applicable today. It is very easy to project one’s expectations and repeat patterns in relationships, which is why it is important to focus inward and be compassionate to yourself. It must be said, though, that self-love doesn’t always mean dramatic changes or healing; sometimes it is just to be kind to yourself and not devalue one’s worth, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. Ironically, this realization hits often after Valentine’s Day. It is common for relationships to go haywire or fall apart on Valentine’s Day when expectations are at their peak. Perhaps it is because one is looking for love in all the wrong places?

Love Reset Day was created on February 15, 2018, by Carla Lynn Hall, owner of the blog. Inspired by romance and its elements, Carla has spent most of the past decade coaching women about relationships. She is also a moderator for the Facebook group Secret Feminine Magnetism. After witnessing an increase in wedding engagements amongst women in the Facebook group in 2015, Carla realized that many women joined the group because they needed a safe space to regulate their romantic feelings.

According to Carla, Love Reset Day is right after Valentine’s Day because that is when many face upheavals in their love lives. She believes that a Love Reset Day is just what is needed for a person to take back their power and improve themselves to make better romantic choices.

Love Reset Day timeline

Sixth-century AD
The First Valentine’s Day

The first Valentine’s Day is celebrated to honor an early martyr named Valentine.

Taylor Swift’s Self-Love Journey

Musician Taylor Swift builds her legacy by channeling her failed relationships into her music.

Do it Like RiRi

Pop sensation Rihanna states that her entire attention is focused on her family and her work, refusing to give it to any man.

February 15, 2018
The Love Reset Day celebrates the first Love Reset Day.

Love Reset Day FAQs

Can a relationship be reset?

This is subjective and differs from couple to couple. But yes it can, when both partners are willing to put in the work and forgive each other, a relationship has the potential to be reset.

How do you bring romance back into a relationship?

It takes time, but the key is to gradually bring back the elements that attracted you to one another in the first place. The same kind of love, respect, and friendship shared at the beginning is what needs to be sustained for lasting romance in a relationship.

What is Singles Day?

Singles Awareness Day is on February 15 every year.

Love Reset Day Activities

  1. Spoil yourself

    When it comes to loving yourself, start small. Treat and pamper yourself today; you deserve it.

  2. Write a love letter to yourself!

    Pen a letter to yourself, calming yourself and saying the things that you need to hear the most. And who better to hear it from than the person who has the most confidence in you?

  3. Hang out with friends

    Part of self-love is to nurture and strengthen relationships that aren’t romantic. Spend time with your friends and learn about yourself through these bonds.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Love Reset

  1. You are anxious

    If not hearing from your partner for some time keeps you on edge, it’s a sign that you need a pause.

  2. You’re in a dating rut

    If your dating life isn’t active and it is impacting your esteem, it’s time to Love Reset.

  3. You feel a void

    If there is a void that you keep trying to fill with meaningless flings, it’s time for a Love Reset.

  4. You are not sure of yourself

    It is not recommended to pursue romantic relationships if you are not content with yourself.

  5. You feel jealous

    Jealousy is a red flag that it is time to hit the reset button.

Why We Love Love Reset Day

  1. A day to recalibrate

    Think of Love Reset as a day to recalibrate and focus on yourself. Aligning yourself with your love potential may just be what you need.

  2. The importance of self-love

    At its core, Love Reset Day is about loving yourself and bringing out the best version of you. Be your biggest supporter, believe in yourself, and take your time.

  3. Nurturing relationships

    Loving yourself cannot be possible without the support system of our friendships. Nurture these valuable relationships as you navigate through the sea of love.

Love Reset Day dates

2025February 15Saturday
2026February 15Sunday
2027February 15Monday
2028February 15Tuesday
2029February 15Thursday

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