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SatFeb 15

National Wisconsin Day – February 15, 2025

National Wisconsin Day on February 15 celebrates the state of Wisconsin, its history, and its hard-working people. Wisconsin was the 30th state to be accepted into the union of the U.S. With cheeses, beers, copper, and so much more, Wisconsin is a state that keeps on giving and we’re here to celebrate it.

History of National Wisconsin Day

Toward the end of the Ice Age, Paleo-Indians came to Wisconsin. It was inhabited by large animals such as mammoths, mastodons, and giant beavers, which the Paleo-Indians hunted. Eventually, these animals neared extinction and the Paleo-Indians moved to smaller animals such as deers and bison. By the early Woodland Period, plants became important in diets and small-scale agriculture, and pottery emerged in Wisconsin.

Jean Violet, the first known European inhabitant, arrived in Wisconsin in the French period and paved the way for innumerable other Europeans to follow. The British eventually gained full control of Wisconsin in 1763. The U.S. acquired Wisconsin in the Treaty of Paris in 1783. However, it didn’t exercise proper control over the state until the War of 1812. Even following this control, several wars were fought in and for Wisconsin. It was made a part of different territories before it became its own Wisconsin Territory in 1836.

Finally, on May 29, 1848, Wisconsin was officially signed into the union of the U.S., becoming the 30th state to join. Since then, it has been ethnically heterogeneous, a valuable resource, and an important player in modernizing government. It has attained many names such as the Dairy Land, Water Park Capital, Badger State, Copper State, e.t.c., in reference to the countless things that it has to offer. In 2019, Governor Tony Evers declared February 15 as National Wisconsin Day because he believed that Wisconsin, its residents, and anyone that worked hard historically to make the state what it is today deserved to be celebrated and recognized.

National Wisconsin Day timeline

10,000 B.C.
Welcome to Wisconsin

Paleo-Indians, the first known inhabitants, arrive in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Territory

Wisconsin Territory is created by an act of the United States Congress.

The United States

Wisconsin officially becomes a part of the union of the U.S.

National Wisconsin Day

Governor Tony Evers dedicates February 15 to Wisconsin.

National Wisconsin Day FAQs

What is the capital of Wisconsin?

The capital of Wisconsin is Madison. It isn’t, however, the largest city in the state.

Is margarine illegal in Wisconsin?

Yellow margarine that looked like butter was illegal in Wisconsin from 1895 to 1967. The ban has since been lifted, however, certain restrictions still apply.

Where did Wisconsin get its name?

Wisconsin’s name is believed to have come from the Wisconsin River. Some say the river was originally called ‘meskonsing,’ meaning “this river meanders through something red,” in reference to soil deposits.

National Wisconsin Day Activities

  1. Visit Wisconsin

    Wisconsin has so much to offer: an array of water parks (it is the water park capital, after all), innumerable different art museums, and lots more. You can even plan a visit to one of its many great lakes — Wisconsin has over 15,000 lakes.

  2. Learn more about Wisconsin

    It is a great state with a rich history. This National Wisconsin Day, spend a little time doing some research about the state and all that it has to offer, what led to its discovery, etc. You could even read or watch documentaries of and about it.

  3. Bring Wisconsin to you

    Celebrate the state from the comfort of your home. Go to your local stores and try to find Wisconsin beers and cheeses and other things from the state. You could even have some friends over to enjoy these snacks and have a polka dance party!

5 Lesser Known Facts About Wisconsin

  1. It’s not the badger you think

    Nope, not the animal — the Badger State refers to lead miners who used to travel and dig tunnels to stay warm and sleep.

  2. It’s America’s dairyland

    Wisconsin is the number one producer of cheese in the United States.

  3. The birthplace of Harley Davidson

    William Harley and brothers Walter and Arthur Davidson built the first motorcycle in Wisconsin.

  4. It can get spooky

    As per Wisconsinites, there are more ghosts per square mile here than in any other state.

  5. The first-ever ice cream sundae

    George Hallauer asked a Twin Rivers soda shop for a dish of ice cream and sauces on a random Sunday, and the rest is history.

Why We Love National Wisconsin Day

  1. We love Wisconsin

    With an abundance of resources, beautiful lakes, delicious cheeses and beers, and lots more — what’s not to love? It is a state that keeps on giving and we’re all for celebrating it.

  2. It reflects on the history

    We see what the United States of America is today, but there is in fact an extensive history that led to its creation. National Wisconsin Day highlights the joining of this state and reminds us of other historic events that occurred.

  3. It is an opportunity to learn more

    As an extension to the above reason, a day like this also serves as an opportunity to educate ourselves more. The world is big, beautiful, and diverse, and there is so much to learn!

National Wisconsin Day dates

2025February 15Saturday
2026February 15Sunday
2027February 15Monday
2028February 15Tuesday
2029February 15Thursday

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