Singles Awareness Day – February 15, 2020

Sat Feb 15

It’s so okay to be single. Like, really. Recent Census figures show that over half of all Americans, ages 16 and older, are single. Hallmark may not agree but Singles Awareness Day on February 15 is a fantastic day to celebrate your independence, moxie and unique style!

When is Singles Awareness Day 2020?

Singles Awareness Day is February 15th, the day after Valentine's Day.

Singles Awareness Day - Survey Results

Singles Awareness Day Activities

  1. Send yourself flowers, or chocolates or that singing telegram you've been curious about

    Make sure to do something nice for yourself today. Would those flowers brighten your office? Why not splurge on an extra long lunch with other single friends? It's your day!

  2. Throw a mix-and-mingle party

    Many singles would absolutely love to meet that right someone. Why not throw a mixer for you and your single friends? Who knows what could happen?!

  3. Write an appreciation list for yourself

    Take a moment and list at least 10 things you appreciate about yourself—you're paying your own bills, you went to yoga class today, you're crushing it at work. Chances are, if you're loving on yourself, in short order, others will be too

Why We Love Singles Awareness Day

  1. You meet more people on your own

    Whether it's because you're more willing to put yourself out there, or people are more willing to talk to someone on their own, being single often means you are meeting lots of interesting people, wherever you go.

  2. You have the time to become the best version of yourself

    You often have time on your hands, as a single person, to read books, develop a hobby, deepen friendships—and yes, even go on dates. The thread running through all these activities is that you get to know who you are, pretty well.

  3. You can do what you want, when you want to

    What do you want to eat tonight? Where would you like to vacation? Is it ok to splurge on those jeans you've been eying? When you're single, you can do what makes you happy. No compromises necessary.

Singles Awareness Day dates
2020February 15Saturday
2021February 15Monday
2022February 15Tuesday
2023February 15Wednesday
2024February 15Thursday