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SatFeb 15

National Black Girl Magic Day – February 15, 2025

National Black Girl Magic Day is observed on February 15 annually in the United States. The day celebrates the beauty, power, and resilience of Black women. The day also raises awareness of the issues faced by Black women, especially those that are discriminatory or racist. Activists look at corporate, medical, cultural, and social aspects of America and how they affect Black women. National Black Girl Magic Day hopes to bring change by example and create a future where every Black girl and woman gets equal representation to their White counterparts. Happy National Black Girl Magic Day to everyone!

History of National Black Girl Magic Day

National Black Girl Magic Day takes place on February 15. While Black women should be celebrated every day, a special day of recognition is a reminder of how remarkable Black women are. Black Girl Magic was created by CaShawn Thompson in 2013 when she started the movement #BlackGirlsAreMagic. The campaign name has since been shortened and popularized as #BlackGirlMagic. The campaign has found takers in both men and women alike. CaShawn spoke about Gloria Richardson, a civil rights worker and warrior, as one of the inspirations behind the term.

Richardson’s steadfast commitment to fighting for civil rights has been popularized by the image of her pushing away a bayonet at a protest in Maryland. This image fueled CaShawn to start a women-led revolution of her own that culminated in the #BlackGirlMagic movement. She mainly relied on digital activism to uniquely celebrate Black women and their history.

National Black Girl Magic Day is important because it celebrates how Black women make space for themselves, celebrate themselves, and connect. The hashtags used in the digital movement also help Black women to connect and form communities. Hashtags such as #beingablackgirlislit #blackgirlmagic #melaninpopping are used by Black women to build these communities and find ways to support each other in real life as well. National Black Girl Magic Day is the day to celebrate every Black woman and her incredible life unapologetically. After all, Black women are indispensable to American society.

National Black Girl Magic Day timeline

Negro History Week

The first attempt at an organized focus on the history of Black people begins.

Black History Month in the U.S.

The first celebration takes place in Kent State.

Black History Month in the U.K.

The first celebrations in the U.K. take place in London.

Black History Month in Germany

The first celebration of Black History Month takes place in Berlin.

National Black Girl Magic Day FAQs

What's the meaning of black girl magic?

#BlackGirlMagic is used to share messages and images of success, defiance, or beauty online.

Who invented black girl magic?

Black Girl Magic is an entertainment, broadcast, and apparel brand with a T.V. show and podcast of the same name, created in 2014 by Beverly Bond.

What is the meaning of “black women?”

Black women are women of Sub-Saharan African and Afro-diasporic descent. The term ‘Black’ is a racial classification of people.

How to Observe National Black Girl Magic Day

  1. Celebrate yourself

    You cannot celebrate National Black Girl Magic Day without celebrating yourself. Wish yourself and your Black women friends a very Happy National Black Girl Magic Day, and celebrate with a party or a casual day off.

  2. Read up on the history

    Another great way to observe National Black Girl Magic Day is by learning the history of Black women. Learn about the Black women who came before you and their contribution to the fight for equality and justice.

  3. Support businesses of Black women

    Convert your words into actions by supporting businesses led by Black women. Observe National Black Girl Magic Day by giving shout-outs to brands by Black women that you love.

5 Remarkable Black Women In History

  1. Isabel de Olvera

    She set out to explore the world in the 1600s and was one of the first female explorers.

  2. Millie and Christine McKoy

    The conjoined twins, who were born in 1851, were genealogical wonders.

  3. Frances Thompson

    She was one of the first transgender advocates and also lived according to her own gender identity in Memphis.

  4. Augusta Savage

    She was the first Black artist elected to the National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors.

  5. Barbara Jordan

    She was the first Black woman elected to the state senate.

Why National Black Girl Magic Day is Important

  1. It’s a fight for equality

    The road to equality is still long, and the fight for it is being fought every day. National Black Girl Magic Day reminds us of the progress made for equality and the progress that still needs to be made.

  2. It builds communities

    Celebrations such as National Black Girl Magic Day build communities by bringing together Black women with similar concerns, passions, and interests. You can find your tribe on National Black Girl Magic Day.

  3. It celebrates Black excellence

    The biggest reason why we love National Black Girl Magic Day is that it celebrates Black excellence. The day acknowledges the beautiful Black women in history and the Black women who continue to do so every day.

National Black Girl Magic Day dates

2025February 15Saturday
2026February 15Sunday
2027February 15Monday
2028February 15Tuesday
2029February 15Thursday

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