Love Holidays

Love holidays celebrate all forms of love: the love between partners, between parents and children, sisters and brothers, and just between friends! That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate 2 love holidays every year.





Jan. 6

National Cuddle Up DayRelationshipsU.S.

Jan. 11

National Girl Hug Boy DayRelationshipsU.S.

Sep. 30

​National Love People DayRelationshipsU.S.

Where did love holidays come from?

Holidays are about celebration, and who more natural to celebrate than the people you love?

The best known relationship holiday is Valentine's Day (Feb. 14), which began in the 5th century when Pope Gelasius declared the 14th a day to commemorate St. Valentine's death. Since then, the day has become associated with romantic love—probably because medieval people believed the 14th marked the beginning of birds' mating season.

But of course, our list doesn't ignore platonic relationships. The International Day of Friendship (Jul. 30) was proclaimed by the United Nations, in a bid to recognize friendship not only between individuals—but nations and cultures.

So no matter the type of love that binds you, remember to keep your dear ones near!

Submit Your Favorite Love Holidays

If we've missed any love holidays, we'd love to hear about them! Please shoot us over a note on our holiday submission page, along with a bit of information about the holiday you'd like us to add. Has it been covered in the media before? If it has, we'll get it up right away!

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