Some holidays are serious events, designed to commemorate historical moments or spread awareness for important causes—but others are just plain goofy! At National Today we love to celebrate [count] crazy holidays.

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Feb 13 Sunday
Get a Different Name Day, ,
Feb 28 Monday
National Public Sleeping Day,
May 6 Friday
National No Pants Day ,
May 9 Monday
National Lost Sock Memorial Day , ,
May 14 Saturday
National Dance Like a Chicken Day, ,
Jun 17 Friday
National Take Back the Lunch Break Day, , ,
Jun 20 Monday
Ugliest Dog Day, , ,
Jul 2 Friday
National Wrong Trousers Day,
World UFO Day, , ,
Jul 4 Sunday
Sidewalk Egg Frying Day,
Jul 6 Tuesday
Umbrella Cover Day,
Jul 12 Monday
International Town Criers Day,
Jul 14 Wednesday
National Nude Day, , , ,
Jul 19 Monday
National Flitch Day, ,
National Get Out of the Dog House Day,
Stick Out Your Tongue Day,
Jul 24 Saturday
National Tell An Old Joke Day,
Jul 26 Monday
National All or Nothing Day,
Jul 27 Tuesday
Take Your Pants for a Walk Day, ,
Jul 30 Friday
National Talk in an Elevator Day ,
Aug 27 Friday
Tracky Dack Day, ,
Sep 24 Friday
AFL Grand Final Friday, ,
Oct 6 Wednesday
National Mad Hatter Day, ,
Oct 13 Wednesday
International Skeptics Day, ,
Oct 31 Sunday
Magic Day, ,
Nov 8 Monday
International Tongue Twister Day, ,
Nov 9 Tuesday
Chaos Never Dies Day, ,
Nov 13 Saturday
Sadie Hawkins Day, ,
Dec 12 Sunday
​National Ding-A-Ling Day, ,
Dec 16 Thursday
Barbie And Barney Backlash Day, ,
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, , ,